Business Presentation Specialist


  • You don't need a degree or studies from a specific field to excel at this role (what we do isn't taught at Universities), but for sure you will need to show excitement and competency to match the fun and challenges in this role.
  • We want people with good intercultural empathy, who are good at working under tight deadlines, and can handle in a professional way highly confidential data.
  • Openness to "feedback" is a must. We believe feedback is how we feed our growth – and we have lots of feedback going and coming around every day. It's not negative or destructive – that's not how we roll! In our world, feedback is positive or constructive, always helpful and directed to supporting professional growth in each person.
  • Finally, you will need to be willing to work in an 11:00 am to 8:00 pm shift, and on public holidays

Who You'll Work WithYou will join the Visual Graphics and Design Center Department in San Jose, a team of 150 colleagues. We are the visual communications support team for McKinsey consultants around the world, with teams located in Costa Rica, India, US, and Poland, our service consists of providing compelling and effective visual communication solutions for a wide variety of needs: from single slide production in PowerPoint for a "kick-start" meeting, to customized presentation design and alternative storytelling solutions. We ensure that our firm's parameters of excellence are met within the boundaries of Business Presentation Design.

What You'll Do

You will work with consultants to understand and convey their data and ideas while transforming it into clear, compelling, highly accurate and visually attractive presentations.

You'll have to understand the message that consulting teams want to convey, and make the most complicated business topics suddenly crystal clear. Business Presentation is all about creating visual stories and making information attractive to the eye and easy-to-understand for the brain.

You will help our consultants to not only show their data, but tell a story with it! This isn't an easy task. On a daily basis, you will need to problem solve on which graph is the most appropriate for specific data stories, and how to make information engaging, informative and compelling. You will also put into practice what your learned during the cryptanalysis training to transform rough sketches of ideas into clear, compelling, highly accurate, and visually attractive presentations.

When creating business presentations for a global firm such as McKinsey, you will encounter a particular challenge: cross-cultural communication. With specific training on the topic, and the opportunity to work closely with colleagues from different locations, you will learn how to tailor the visual stories to specific audiences over the globe.

Another typical challenge in the role is understanding the instructions from the consultants – sometimes they can be very complex. In such cases the key is to use your analytical and logical skills to break it down into simple parts.

There are no two identical days in this role, which makes this role an opportunity to constantly learn something new. Every request you get is different both in content and form. You will be exposed to business content from every practice (e.g. Healthcare, Pharma, Retail, etc.) function (e.g. Operations, Finance, Marketing, etc.) and industry (e.g. Automobile, IT, Banking, etc.), all of them with different guidelines, from creating interesting information flow charts and message optimization, to complex data analysis charts and communication ideation.

The only constant in this role is the race against time. We work with very tight deadlines from 10 to 120 minutes. But don't panic! Your organizational abilities will enable you to manage all assignments smoothly, and you will have a team supporting you. It's also worth mentioning that you will receive exhaustive training on MS Office tricks and shortcuts.

Meet Some of McKinsey's Employees

Danielle B.


Danielle is one of the leaders of McKinsey’s business with retail and consumer clients. She oversees client projects and helps her teams and her clients utilize McKinsey’s resources.

Fope F.

Senior Associate

Fope helps lead a small team that works for McKinsey clients, helping them address business challenges and strategic questions. Though based in the NYC office, she travels frequently so she can be in-person with her clients.

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