Senior Placement Manager

    • New York, NY

Administers, mentors and oversees performance management for a department or small unit, coordinates workload of team members and ensures team is appropriately staffed to meet client needs.

Instructs placement strategy by utilizing risk expertise and knowledge of industry and carriers to develop placement solutions that meet complex client needs.

Develops methods for the go-to-market strategy and provides input on pricing of services supporting client retention and new business production.

Guides strong working relations with carriers and or underwriters to create innovative approaches to unique client needs and provide cohesive client service.

Audits and finalizes commission structure with underwriter in accordance with client direction and agreement.

Achieves a thorough understanding of changing insurance and risk market conditions and informs client teams, clients and carriers of major developments affecting various types of coverage.

Applies advanced knowledge to the firm's product lines by active participation in internal networks.

Devises new products and innovative solutions that address complex client needs.

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