Sales Executive

    • Cleveland, OH

Executes sales goals by maintaining a large book of business of complex or high-yield accounts by conducting frequent sales presentations, calls and meetings.

Applies highly developed market and internal service offering insights to sales cold calls to engage potential clients, generate interest and schedule meetings or presentations.

Creates sales proposals, presentations and RFP responses which creatively and effectively address complex prospect needs and appropriately communicate the business value of internal services and offerings.

Leads complex account processes from the identification stage to closing; leading pricing negotiations, facilitating product and expectation discussions and ultimately securing a beneficial financial outcome for the business.

Manages research efforts and analyses on relevant markets and industries to identify potential relationship needs, target new accounts and ultimately target areas of expansion for existing accounts or the book of business at large.

Interfaces frequently with the potential or existing account representatives and stakeholders to ensure service satisfaction and uphold promises and general expectations.

Maintains professional account relationships with new or established account representatives to introduce and sell new products to and facilitate deeper market penetration and representation and encourage and explore cross op co sales opportunities

Is a member of various professional and industry or regional organizations and attends conferences and relevant events to expand and maintain a large professional network , represent the company and gain exposure and insight as to various specialties.

Marsh & McLennan helps clients identify new opportunities by addressing the full range of risks, facilitating capital flows, and overcoming barriers to investment.

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