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Mercer LLC and its separately incorporated operating entities around the world are part of Marsh & McLennan Companies, a publicly held company (ticker symbol: MMC).

The Pharmacy Consulting Analyst will support consultants in managing client accounts by researching, analyzing, and evaluating employers' pharmacy benefits plans and programs. To fulfill this role, the Pharmacy Consulting Analyst will:

- Assist the consulting team in gathering, organizing and entering data into Excel spreadsheets to be used for various client projects.

- Analyze the results and manage portions of projects

- Gather materials, benchmarking utilization data for a Request for Proposal (RFP) and interpret the meaning of the data and summarize the RFP responses in Excel or PowerPoint format for presentation to the client.

- Gather and analyze data from the client and vendors to populate Excel spreadsheets used for developing cost projections and evaluation of vendor renewal proposals.

- Obtain data from client and vendors; check for reasonability using independent judgment and critical thinking skills; follow up with vendors regarding missing or inaccurate data, analyze actual versus expected healthcare costs using an Excel template.

- Gain an understanding of vendor/carrier markets, basic underwriting and financial skills, Health & Benefit products, services and technical tools, and intranet resources, by participating in training courses, online learning, or through learning from more experienced colleagues

- Develop benchmarking reports by gathering and analyzing pharmacy benefits data from a database, input it into a standardized template and compare a client's pharmacy plan information to other companies by industry or geography and assist client lead with resenting data.


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