Health Analyst- Philadelphia- College Program 2020

    • Philadelphia, PA

Assists the consulting team in gathering, organizing, entering and analyzing data to be used for various client projects.Follows up with client or existing vendor regarding missing or inaccurate information. Gathers benchmarking utilization or rate data from the vendors via a Request for Proposal (RFP); summarizes the responses from the RFP for presentation to the client by team members. Gathers design data from the client and current vendors needed for analyzing the impact of a client's consolidation and/or marketing of its healthcare plans; typically involves organizing plan design details and costs for further analysis by the team; responsibilities also include checking data for reasonableness and follow-up with vendors regarding missing or inaccurate data. Learns the basics of products, services and tools - gain an understanding of vendor/carrier markets, basic underwriting and financial skills, products, services and technical tools, and intranet resources and participa

Broker Licenses Required - Any

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