Director - Enterprise Sales

    • New York, NY

Achieves sales goals by maintaining and gaining large, high- yield accounts through referrals, conducting strategized cold calls, following up on RFPs, general market exposure and frequent interactions with existing accounts.

Develops an effective method for targeting and conducting sales cold calls to address and market to an evident business need, personal credibility and professional networks or leverage capabilities from internal solutions to engage prospective accounts and gain interest.

Evaluates complex or large-scale account needs or expectations to generate appropriate responses to RFPs, sales presentations and formal sales proposals.

Facilitates the sales process for large or complex accounts; working understand the account needs, gain the business, manage the pricing and scope negotiation process, and secure a sizeable profit to benefit the book of business.

Identifies opportunities and advises existing accounts on the business value of products and solutions where appropriate to expand existing accounts and gain credibility and experience to target new similar accounts in the market to sell to .

Leverages an advanced understanding of all operating company solutions & offerings to faciliate cross-op co sales deals and maximize company profit while servicing client needs.

Checks in with high-level account stakeholders throughout the sales process and shortly after sales transactions have been completed to ensure the quality of service meets or exceeds expectations.

Liaises frequently with existing or former account contacts to maintain or increase proximity to a market, uphold the business presence within a company and ensure any and all future needs are secured.

Is an acknowledged member of relevant professional and industry-related organizations, attends, contributes to and may plan conferences and relevant engagements, and authors feasibility studies to expand and maintain a large professional network and gain exposure.

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