Data Solutions Project Manager

The Data Solutions Project Manager is responsible for managing the deployment of data and reporting platform features to operations including managing all aspects of the deployment projects, including determining deadlines, assigning task members, delegating tasks/responsibilities, evaluating the project, creating and/or facilitating communications of platform features, providing problem resolution, managing resources, providing analytics and developing and presenting reports to senior management. Has the authority to manage the workflow of the project and is expected to maintain a certain level of autonomy. To fulfill this role, the Project Manager will:

Provide strategic leadership to their team members Manage lifecycle of projects by:

  • Developing project or lifecycle plan;
  • Assigning a project team, assigning membership and delegating tasks and responsibilities;
  • Designing deadlines for key deliverables;
  • Developing relationships across business segments and functions to help support the utilization and allocation of resources;
  • Evaluating the work product of team members and providing resolution for disruptions or inconsistencies in their deliverables;
  • Identifying any problems associated with the project and developing and implementing the appropriate solution;
  • Developing and presenting analytics and reports to Senior Management
Actively participates in all leadership and broader business meetings or conference calls by:
  • Designing and disseminating meeting materials and agendas;
  • Leading/facilitating team meetings;
  • Designing meeting structure and coordinating meeting events ;
  • Recording feedback from meeting and provide a summary to management team and providing recommendations to leadership on ways to achieve action items
Evaluate the applications and/or workflow process and provides recommendations to management on process improvements

Educate team members on components of Mercer specific Project Management trends and tools

Use extensive Project Management experience to provide training, support and guidance to team members

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