Associate Producer

    • Houston, TX

Job Description

Promotes, recommends and sells solutions, products and services to other individuals and organizations. Develops, manages and implements sales strategies. Identifies potential customers and cultivates existing customer relationships to close deals. Facilitates service and product sales delivery in accordance with client agreements and established standards. Creates and presents sales materials, research, proposals and reports.


• Conducts sales presentations and works to ensure the maintenance of a book of business of small, low-risk accounts and a high frequency of sales work to generate a sales prof

• Conducts cold calls utilizing a proficient awareness of internal offerings and product solutions to ultimately gain sales meetings.

• Develops complex and effective sales proposals and sales presentations for prospect accounts.

• Closes sales deals by negotiating values and basic pricing structures to best serve both the business and client needs

• Conducts thorough due diligence research leveraging various resources and channels of information to identify or understand prospect accounts or target sales expansion opportunities.

• Participates and shadows a Sales Professional or Sales Leader in client and prospect meetings as appropriate to gain insight as to large or complex accounts, specializations and all general aspects of the sales process.

• Maintains account relationships and works to ensure the business is viewed as a preferred vendor.

• Oversees the sales process from start to finish ensuring service quality and general transactional satisfaction.

• Belongs to various professional organizations and grows a large professional network to benefit and represent the business.

Participates in sales training, events and other professional development courses.

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