Senior Software Engineer, Adobe Cloud Platform Client SDK

    • Seattle, WA


Senior Software Engineer, Adobe Cloud Platform Client SDK

The challenge

Come accelerate Adobe's cloud transformation working on Cloud Documents and the Adobe Cloud Platform Software Development Kit. The ACP.Local SDK is part of a strategy connecting desktop and mobile applications to cloud services enabling functionality including fast synchronization, multi-user live edit sessions, conflict resolution, and online/offline sync.

You will be responsible for implementing features through the complete software development lifecycle, including defining requirements and use cases with product designers, writing design documentation and API specifications, developing code, and writing test automation. A critical part of the job is helping application teams understand how to use the technology, investigating bugs, and maintaining code quality.

You will also be responsible for helping new application teams onboard to using the SDK, working with the application team, sometimes embedded in the team for a short period, helping them integrate their workflow to the Cloud Documents workflows.

What you'll do
- Develop efficient, reliable, testable cross-platform code in C/C++, Java, and JavaScript
- Work with other Adobe teams advising on using our technology, investigating bugs, and collaborating on providing new features
- Maintain code to address functional changes, language/library/OS updates, and bug fixes
- Regularly review and tune test code to achieve a high standard of software quality, code coverage, and performance metrics
- Develop example code illustrating best practice usage of our API's, and write and maintain documentation, to enable teams to rapidly integrate our technology
- Work in a small, collaborative, highly productive, and high output team environment
- Participate in inventing technology that has a big impact across Adobe, writing patents, and being active in Adobe's internal community of software development professionals
- Participate in Adobe's Sensei technology initiative integrating into DCX support for Machine Learning (ML) and Search related workflows

What you'll need to succeed
- Bachelor of Science, or higher degree, in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics or equivalent
- 5-7 years'experience developing software with a proven track record for delivering high-quality production software
- Proficient in cross-platform C/C++
- Firm computer science fundamentals, including design patterns, algorithms, asymptotic complexity, parallelism, and database schema design
- Experience on MacOS and Windows
- Experience developing cross-platform technologies and packaging as an SDK/library
- Prior experience with Adobe technologies, in particular, Digital Composite Technology (DCX), highly desired
- Strong written and verbal communication and social skills

At Adobe, you will be immersed in an exceptional work environment that is recognized throughout the world on Best Companies lists. You will also be surrounded by colleagues who are committed to helping each other grow through our unique Check-In approach where ongoing feedback flows freely.

If you're looking to make an impact, Adobe's the place for you. Discover what our employees are saying about their career experiences on the Adobe Life blog and explore the meaningful benefits we offer.

Adobe is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome and encourage diversity in the workplace regardless of race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or veteran status.

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