Principal/Senior Researcher

Maana is looking for a Principal/Senior Researcher to join our Platform Engineering team in Bellevue, WA.

About Maana

Founded in 2012, Maana is a privately held company known in our industry as the pioneer of Digital Knowledge Technology. Our passion is to turn human expertise and data into digital knowledge, enabling Fortune 500 to optimize their assets and processes three to ten times faster than any other technology. 

Maana’s secret sauce is our patented Knowledge Graph™, which combined with Maana’s proprietary AI algorithms, expedites extracting knowledge from data silos, to reveal their relationships in the context of optimizing assets or processes.

Our investors, many of which are also Maana customers, include Chevron Technology Ventures, Frost Data Capital, GE Ventures, Intel Capital, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, and Shell Technology Ventures. Maana has a worldwide presence located in Palo Alto, California; Bellevue, Washington; Houston, Texas; London, England; Dhrahan, Saudi Arabia; and The Hague, Netherlands. Visit us at

Principal/Senior Researcher

Maana is looking for creative, enthusiastic, think-outside-the-box individuals to make a positive impact on our rapidly growing company. If you are a team player who thrives in a fast-paced environment and loves working on challenging problems, please read on!

We are looking for a Principal/Senior Researcher in Artificial Intelligence, with focus in either machine learning or knowledge representation, to join our Applied Research team in Bellevue. Our team supports the Maana Platform with R&D in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, knowledge management, natural language programming, and customer-specific data science work. Our work is math/computer science heavy and requires knowledge of algorithms, programming, distributed systems, machine learning, knowledge representation, and artificial intelligence. We have fun, work as a team, solve hard problems, create intellectual property, write papers, and provide the company with unique capabilities that will help us differentiate in a crowded market.

Are You Ready to Work With Some of the Brightest Minds in the Software Industry?

Our employees are some of the brightest minds in the software industry and enjoy developing innovative technologies that solve some of the toughest challenges of Fortune 500 companies.  Tell us how your experience and qualifications are a great fit for this position.


The ideal applicant has a Masters/PhD in Computer Science (or a related field/equivalent experience). Applicants with only a Masters should have 5+ years of real-world experience. This person has a passion for technology, and strong communication skills (including presenting and writing). Technical skills required include excellent programming ability in multiple langauges, ability to invent new ways of solving hard problems and to take an idea from prototyping to production. The applicant should have research depth in a one of the following areas of artificial intelligence: machine learning, knowledge representation and reasoning, or natural language processing. Research publications should reflect the applicants’ depth. Bonuses are 3+ years of experience with Spark, Scala, Linux, Apache data stack, and 3+ years of experience with information retrieval, search and knowledge-based systems. Excellent teamwork and collaboration is a must.  This position will have ownership of large projects and drive results within and across teams, as well as help attract and grow talent to meet the company's needs. 

Meet Some of MAANA's Employees

Steven G.

Chief Scientist

Steven and his team develop software solutions, pushing Maana products to the next level through intense machine and artificial intelligence study and application.

Jamaal P.

Data Scientist

Jamaal analyzes data and creates in-depth algorithms in order to provide science-based predictions and answer important questions for internal teams and Maana customers alike.

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