Head of Partner Success

About LRN:

At LRN, we believe enduring success is achieved through inspired, ethical leadership – regardless of tenure, job function or position in an organizational chart.  You should be driven to achieve excellence, in a self-governing environment that’s rooted in personal integrity, transparency and accountability.

Our Culture:

LRN’s culture is a fundamental part of every solution, service and product we build. As a Mission with a Business, we are guided by who we are and who we want to be as much as what we want to achieve. We aim to attract and hire people who share our core values, and value our mission.   

Mission Summary

LRN has a unique opportunity for a number of outstanding individuals to contribute to the evolving and dynamic ethics and compliance space by joining our mission-inspired organization whose purpose is helping people around the world do the right thing. At LRN, the Partner Success Team provides guidance and direction that enables our clients (“partners”) to leverage their LRN solutions and partnership with LRN in meaningful ways.   

Role Objective

The primary function of the Head of Partner Success is to ensure that LRN clients/partners fully utilize and adopt their licensed solutions.  From the initial client/partner set-up, to the ongoing projects, to enhancing client/partner programs, the Head of Partner Success works with the various groups within LRN to ensure smooth and efficient client/partner delivery.  Within LRN, the Head of Partner Success will lead the Program Management, Partner Support, and the Partner Activity Tasks (PAT) groups to provide a holistic approach to a partners’ success through all of the various client/partner contact points.  The role will help ensure the highest level of quality for partner interactions, project quality/delivery, and solutions.  The role will also develop systems to create a knowledge base and integrated support systems where by all LRN teams and client/partners can interface to further their solutions and issue resolution expertise.  The Head of Partner Success will work closely with colleagues in sales roles, members of LRN’s Project Management office, Partner Support, Advisory Services, and other LRN professionals such as Content, Software Development and Information Technology.

The individual in this role will have the opportunity to:

  • Lead the Program Management, Partner Support, and the Partner Activity Tasks (PAT)
  • Ensure the highest level of quality services are provided by the above teams
  • Leverage and improve upon the processes and systems to ensure efficient productivity which can scale and provide transparency of activities across the various groups
  • Understand and manage Partner Support metrics and drive for first call resolution
  • Establish a training program for each of the groups to move staff from novice to expert level knowledge around LRN solutions in order to provide the highest level of support issue resolution
  • Create systems, metrics, and dashboards to understand partner utilization and adoption of everything they have contracted
  • Intimately understand LRN’s solutions, services and platform to recommend and execute solutions to help partnerships maximize their usage and workflow efficiency using the LRN platform
  • Work as an escalation path when issues arise by being able to dig into workflow, technical, or project issues and work with the client/partner and internal LRN teams to come up with solutions
  • Create communication/training methods to educate Partner Success teams of new solutions that they can take advantage of, such as technological enhancements, new modes of content deliver, revised processes, etc.
  • Share best practices on how to implement and take advantage of LRN solutions/systems
  • Develop standardized approaches which can be personalized to help partners reach their goals with each of the Client/Partner Success teams
  • Resolve issues when they arise within the partner or LRN, securing the right LRN resources to assist as necessary
  • Work tenaciously, through and around obstacles, to deliver solutions that provide unique value to prospects and existing partners

The ideal candidate possesses the following experience, knowledge and skills:

First and foremost, Head of Partner Success, like all their LRN colleagues, should live and embrace the LRN Core Values of Humility, Integrity, Passion and Truth, as embodied by and reflected in the LRN Leadership Framework, in pursuit of our mission to inspire principled performance.

  • 10 -15 years of experience working in a business environment, providing operations and/or business process management experience in the area of client/partner support, call center, and/or account management  
  • Ideally 8-10 years of experience, working closely with sales people to service and support clients
  • Must be able to critically think about client solutions, systems to support these solutions, and data metrics
  • Experience with SaaS and/or platform solutions for implementation and support organizations
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office related products (i.e. Word, PowerPoint), manipulate data (i.e. Excel), and a working knowledge of technology and system interfaces
  • Ability to work with technical individuals and translate technical speak to partners
  • Must be able to bring clarity, structure and discipline to a variety of situations and environments
  • Ideally some knowledge or experience with ethics and compliance
  • Ideally some knowledge or experience with learning management systems (LMS)


This position is ideal for you if you are passionate about helping organizations do the right thing, thrive in a fast-paced environment, love to multi-task and aren’t intimidated by a need to continuously learn new things. 


Meet Some of LRN's Employees

Alina K.

Engagement Professional

Alina collaborates with existing partners—across every industry—to create strong values-based ethics and compliance programs that shape company culture and influence employee behavior for the better.

Nicolas C.

Product Manager

Nicolas steers the direction of LRN’s education technology platform, innovating every day. He also oversees a number of products, like the AI chatbot augmented reality app, and feature upgrades.

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