UUV and USV Autonomy Engineer

    • West Palm Beach, FL

Description:Design, implement and deploy advanced algorithms on autonomous unmanned underwater systems with specialization in deep learning, perception, and tracking.  Develop and execute a comprehensive technical strategy that combines simulated and tactical data environments.  Validate algorithms with at-sea test data.
Basic Qualifications:
-Strong math and algorithmic background. Strong C/C++ skills.
-Hands on experience with robotics/unmanned systems (marine robotics is a plus).
-Demonstrated ability to design, implement, and deploy advanced algorithms on unmanned systems
Desired Skills:
-Learning systems are not an initial focus area but additional expertise in machine learning is a plus.
- specialization in robotics
-experience in one or more of the following areas:
-Perception and World Modeling
-Mission and Path Planning
-Behavior Design and Contingency
-Fault Handling

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