Tool Maker-Worker - Machine Tools


Fabricates and assembles details for all types of tooling such as jigs, fixtures, tools and dies, including pierce, blank and form dies, all standard and related tooling, standard power brake punches and dies, form blocks, plastic and wood tools, working in close conjunction with more highly -skilled tooling personnel; scribes lines for contour and hole location layouts from such references as tooling templates; prepares rough tooling stock for final finishing; trims laminated fiberglass tools; performs gating operations preparatory to casting plastic nests and faces for plastic forming tools; installs new or replaces worn or damaged bushings; mixes, prepares and applies plaster to pattern frames; makes splash frames for forming operations and takes less complex types of plaster splashes; clamps structural components for welding and locates tooling reference points on jig structures, tools and dies after methods and sequences have been determined by others; sets up and operates such equipment as drill presses, arbor presses, power shears, power saws, band files, radial drill presses, pedestal and disc grinders, and other power tools to perform such operations as grinding to form and maintain cutters, sanding, drilling, reaming, tapping, spot facing, counterboring, sawing and filing, where it is required to interpret and work from blueprints, tooling drawings and sketches, using machinist hand tools and precision measuring instruments, and exercising a knowledge of cutting characteristics of metals, feeds and speeds of machines and of related machine shop practices and procedures, including shop mathematics.

Fabricates, assembles, and reworks multiple operation router blocks and/or multiple operation hand and hydropress forming blocks and accessories, when required tooling and information are available.

Lays out flat and simple templates using empirical bend allowance formulae.

Makes templates from flat layout masters; makes sample parts from extruded or standard formed materials where pickup and/or interpretation of information from plaster patterns; fabricates individual countour templates for use in box template setups.



May require certifications. Utilizes Blueprint Reading and Practical Shop Math or equivalent.

Performs modification and rework of the level of difficulty of the operations described above.

Must possess a minimum of one year of experience operating machine tools.


Fabricates shims, spacers, clamps, jig base and locator pads, ribs and other structural components. Prepares rough die stock, pipe, bar, plate and tubular stock for layout, machining, painting or inspection.

Moves, positions and helps others in handling, moving and positioning parts, dies, tools, equipment, fixtures and heavy materials as assigned; assists others in braking down setups, and returns tools and fixtures to proper sources; lays out and finishes simple templates such as individual trim, drill and bend templates, working from established references and blueprints, duplicates all types of individual templates from master layouts; cuts, fits, punches, shears and repairs templates as required; operates such machinery as saws, routers drill presses, shears, pedestal and disc grinders to perform such routine operations such as trimming, burring, sanding and drilling; performs assembly of tooling.

Paints and properly identifies and codes tooling.

Improvises shop aids to facilitate completion of work assignments.

Performs disassembly and cleaning of tooling. Checks tools for wear, damage, etc., and replaces defective or worn components such as bushings, shims, clamps and pins, and reassembles same.

Helps to maintain work area and machinery in a clean and orderly condition.
Desired Skills: Fabricates and assembles details for all types of tooling such as jigs, fixtures, tools and dies.

Lays out flat and simple templates.
One year of experience operating machine tools.

Experience reading Blueprints and using Practical Shop Math or equivalent.

Experience with hand tools and standard Shop Machinery.
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