Test Engineer

Description:Provide test engineering support to production
program integrated product team (IPT's). Define test
process plans identifying the sequence of required
test steps. Define required tools, instruments,
fixtures, software, hardware, interfaces and test
chambers required to execute the test process plan.
Define optimal product flow and develop the
appropriate test workcell layout. Develop tests and
generate detailed test procedures including narrative,
diagrams and photographs. Generate detailed
troubleshooting guides to aid in the troubleshooting
and analysis of the root cause of test failures.
Analyze test defect data and trends helping to define
and implement corrective actions. Support the
change management activities of the production
program IPT. Provide day-to-day test engineering
support to the workcell by resolving technician
questions, investigating and solving test and/or
product performance problems, and improving test
procedures, tooling, fixturing, hardware, software,
etc. in an effort to optimize the test process.
Basic Qualifications:
Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering.
Ability to effectively communicate, cooperate, and
contribute in an IPT environment. Strong
interpersonal skills and the ability to work with other
persons from diverse backgrounds. Demonstrated
ability to effectively communicate through written
and oral means. Knowledge of industry developments
and trends. Experienced user of Microsoft Office
software applications including MS Word, MS Project,
MS Excel and MS Power Point.
Desired Skills:
Ability to develop and support digital tests. Ability to develop RF functional tests and working knowledge of RF
equipment and circuits. Working knowledge of COTS servers and switches.

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