Structures Analyst

    • Huntsville, AL

Description:This entry level position if for an analyst for Dynamic Systems of helicopters including blades, transmissions and rotating flight controls. The candidate must have a desire to learn about researching and developing structural analysis involving metals and non-metallic/composite structural materials for product design support. Familiarity with damage tolerance, durability, design allowables and structural modeling is highly desired. Specific structural engineering specialties may include dynamics and loads, stability and stress, fatigue and thermal analysis. Tools utilized may include ANSYS, CATIA (limited), and a variety of other software applications. Strong interpersonal skills are highly desirable.
Basic Qualifications:
4 year college degree in Mechanical, Aero or related engineering disciplines. Candidates must be eligible to graduate by May, 2020.
Desired Skills:
The candidate will participate in the conceptual through detailed design phases with the goal of exceeding customer requirements such as Performance, Weight, Producibility and Cost. Job functions shall also include support of ground test and flight test activities. Knowledge in CATIA (or equivalent) and ANSYS (or equivalent) is desired. Knowledge of Classic Laminate Plate Theory is a plus.

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