Quality & Mission Success Intern

Description:This intern position will perform duties associated with developing and maintaining aircraft sustainment quality control policy, procedures, and training; coordinating and working directly with LM Aero Q&MS Quality Assurance Mission Success directorates on quality policies & procedures, issues, training, information and initiatives and providing oversight and schedule management of Quality & Mission Success initiatives and their implementation. Selected candidates will participate in developmental opportunities in teamwork, communication skills, cross-functional problem solving, and business strategy.
Basic Qualifications:
Course work towards completing Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, or Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Aerospace or Operations Management Bachelor's or Master's degree from an accredited college
Candidate should possess good computer skills: -- Microsoft Word -- Excel and PowerPoint -- Ability to grasp other software applications required to perform job duties.
Desired Skills:
Teamwork oriented with excellent organizational skills.

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