Metal Worker/Fitter, Senior - 1st Shift

Description: Develops and completely lays out and fabricates prototype sheet metal and related parts and assemblies as a bench operation for the purpose of creating or proving engineering design, working from complex detail, assembly and installation blueprints, loft data, or other general configuration and preliminary engineering information, where it is required to exercise a complete knowledge of sheet metal layout and part fabrication methods and techniques including the forming characteristics of various metals and alloys; determines proper sequence of operations; performs such typical operations as laying out material for parts having deep draws, compound angles and compound curves, and hand rolling edges to small diameters, improvising and fabricating required temporary tooling such as form blocks and templates to facilitate work operations.

Determines methods and sequence of operations, lays out complete and sets up parts preparatory to welding, and straightens and aligns warped assemblies after welding, where engineering information is incomplete and tooling is either inadequate or not available, exercising a complete knowledge of the forming characteristics of metals used and their reaction to heat, so that the number of setups and amount of forming and warping are held to a minimum; sets up by trimming, fitting, spot tack welding, forming and positioning parts in jigs and holding fixtures where the assemblies being prepared for welding have multiple locating points and numerous parts, which when welded together by a series of welds, results in cumulative distortion or strains in several non-parallel planed of the assemblies; aligns and straightens parts and several non-parallel planes of the assemblies; aligns and straightens parts and assemblies before each subsequent weld, and corrects any distortion by applying heat with torch, by using arbor presses, jacks, turnbuckles and hammers, or by other means to keep parts in direct location to each other, and to obtain proper contour to exacting tolerances.

Performs rework of the level of difficulty of the operations described above.

Must possess certifications required by the Company.


Develops information required to build necessary tooling.

Instructs and works with production personnel as required in the initial production run of parts or assemblies.

Fits and assembles fabricated parts into coordinated assemblies as required.

Uses equipment such as hand and power rolls and brakes, hand and circular saws, hand and power shears, shrinkers, punches, routers, planishing hammers and rivet guns.

Works closely with authorized liaison personnel and suggests design changes for approval by others when part or assembly cannot be made as designed, or where such changes will simplify fabrication and assembly of product.

Makes parts as required from tubular, flat or other metal stock; improvises and fabricates own forming blocks mandrels, holding fixtures and templates as necessary; determines whether welding should be done in fixture or on bench; determines amount of and allowance for trim and shrink; finish forms, saws, files, drills, grinds, chips and burrs parts.
- 2 years experience in fabrication, assembly, and installation of prototype sheet metal and related parts.

- Experience with Blueprint II reading.
Lockheed Martin is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, protected veteran status, or disability status.
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