Engineer - OS/Network Applications Security

    • Cherry Hill, NJ

Description:The Advanced Concepts Laboratory (ACL) researches, develops, and delivers nationally significant Cyber, Information Operations (IO) and Computer Network Operations (CNO) technologies. Our results provide leap-ahead capability to our DoD and IC customers, which include research and operational partners. Our applied research staff work in highly collaborative teams learning, pushing, and delivering cutting edge solutions to our nation's most challenging problems. We are looking for entry-level candidates with a passion for gaining a detailed understanding of how computer systems, software, and services work and interact with one another. This understanding provides the foundation for developing skill and competency in:
- IO and CNO technologies
- Reverse Engineering
- OS/Network/Application Vulnerability Analysis
- Secure OS/Network/Application design
- Malware Analysis
- Automated software testing
- Firmware and OS level development

Selected candidates will contribute to beyond state of the art contracted and internally funded R&D. They can expect to become members of high-performing teams of world class research scientists and engineers who consistently deliver world best Cyber, IO, and CNO capabilities.

Selected candidates will also be eligible for participation in a Lockheed Martin Incentive Plan.
Basic Qualifications:
B.S. degree in technical disciplines such as Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Security, or Information Technology - or equivalent applied experience.

Applicants must have skills in:
- SW development (i.e. C, C++, Python) on Windows, Linux, macOS, android, or iOS
- Debugging (e.g gdb, windbg, OllyDbg, Valgrind)
- SW development collaboration tools (e.g. mercurial, git, Atlassian, wiki's)
- Rapid prototyping
- Adaptability and self-motivation
- Ability to obtain Top-Secret Clearance

Selected applicants will be subject to a government security investigation and must meet and maintain eligibility requirements for access to classified information.

Strong candidates will be self-motivated, capable of performing well-defined applied research tasks, developing software modules, have a basic understand of contemporary malware and defensive tools (PSPs, IDS, Firewalls, etc), have the ability to author technical contributions to proposals, present results and demonstrate prototypes to teammates and customers.
Desired Skills:
It is desired that candidates have experience in one or more of the areas described below. Candidates without experience in these areas will be assessed to determine their ability to develop skill in these areas:
- User space and kernel space development
- Networking protocols
- Compiler Design and Implementation
- IDS and PSP Design and Implementation
- Software Reverse Engineering tools (e.g. OllyDbg, IDAPro)
- Vulnerability Analysis
- Program Analysis
- Machine-learning/Artificial Intelligence/Autonomy
- Cyber/IO/CNO R&D
- Embedded systems development (e.g. MIPS, powerpc, etc.)
- Self-directed technical research explorations

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