Energy Efficiency Program Implementation Specialist - St. Louis, MO

Description:This position supports the operational component of our commercial and industrial energy efficiency contracts for Lockheed Martin's Mid-West Energy Efficiency programs. This position draws on strong business acumen, time management, task management, effective communication and professionalism of an individual to perform in a multi-faceted environment in order to meet goals and objectives directly impacting the bottom line. As an Energy Efficiency Program Implementation Specialist this individual will be responsible for incentive application quality, program adherence, and energy efficiency measure technical review.

Additional components of this position include:
•Project management for specialized incentive program types
•Technical review of energy efficiency measures
•Incentive payment processing
•Researching and analyzing data in order to identify specific trends
•Creating forecasting models
•Regular communication with customers and utility client
•Supporting reporting and visual management requirements
•Utilizing Lean and Six Sigma principles to develop and improve processes
Basic Qualifications:
Bachelors or Masters degree in Business Administration, finance, accounting, marketing, Energy / Environment/ Sustainability or related discipline from an accredited college or university
Desired Skills:
•Minimum 3.0 GPA
•Experience and/or interest in the Energy Efficiency industry or related technologies
•Aptitude for PMP principles, PMP certification or education
•Environmental or energy background or certifications
•Aptitude for Microsoft Project to include creating a Gantt chart style schedule and making updates
•Aptitude for Microsoft Dynamics or related CRM type software
•Experience working in a technical field
•Aptitude for Microsoft SharePoint
•Aptitude for Lean and Six Sigma principles

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