Data Analytics & Data Science Analyst

Description:RMS's Analytics, PHM and Artificial Intelligence (APA) Innovations team applies technology, processes and expertise to a wide variety of platform data in order to drive proactive decision-making throughout the business. APA's rapidly evolving Analytics Development team functions like a small startup within RMS, rapidly developing solutions in pursuit of these objectives, and working with a wide variety of internal customer and expert groups. Candidate opportunities will include roles focused on on-board health usage and monitoring systems (HUMS), business processes and operations, performance based logistics (PBL), and developing solutions for advanced platforms.

Candidates may perform analysis of vast quantities of machine data collected from fleets of complex machines such as engines and helicopters. The candidate is expected to collaborate with other data scientists, engineers, software teams, management, and other stakeholders to conduct data wrangling / mining, perform exploratory analysis, use machine learning to build models, generate visualizations, and create & present reports. Positions may also entail web application development and database modeling.
Basic Qualifications:
• Bachelor's or Master's degree in Data Science, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, or equivalent technical field, and be comfortable writing code for data analysis (preferably with Python, Scala, R, or Java).
• Basic theoretical foundation in statistics and machine learning
• Familiarity with standard applied machine learning and data mining techniques
• Experience in data analysis with Python, Scala, R, and/or Java
• Familiarity with data modeling, relational databases and SQL
• Comfort manipulating and analyzing complex, high-volume, high-dimensionality data from varying sources
• Experience with Linux
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills (i.e. the ability to communicate complex analysis with clarity and precision)
• Passionate about empirical research and naturally inquisitive
• Good problem solving and organizational skills
• US Person
Desired Skills:
• Experience with statistics (descriptive and inferential)
• Experience with data munging, and data visualization (Tableau or equivalent)
• Experienced in data structures and hierarchies
• Strong analytical skills and understanding of system databases, data elements and application software solutions to optimize data gathering and analysis
• Experience in web application development
• Familiarity with Hadoop / MapReduce, Pig, Hive, and Spark
• Familiarity with AWS
• Experience with complex computer networks

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