College Student Technical Specialist

Description:Candidate will be given the responsibility to develop, test, and evaluate Weight and Balance software tools for Air Force aircraft. Tools include, but are not limited to, the Automated Weight and Balance System (AWBS) and the Automated Form F (AFF). AWBS is a common tool throughout DoD. It tracks aircraft weight and center-of-gravity in order to provide information needed to properly complete flight clearance forms. AWBS simplifies the process of tracking all aircraft components that affect weight and balance. AFF is a tool used to generate flight clearance forms. Flight clearance forms must be generated for each flight to ensure safety of flight. AFF automates limits and fuel calculations as well as handles loading of weapons data. AFF has also been developed for use on the Pocket PC for transport aircraft.

High level of self-motivation is required. Involvement in all phases of the software process is required, i.e. development of software requirements and design documents, project plans, software coding, software testing, and training customers on the use of the product.

Must be a US Citizen, this position is located at a facility that requires special access.
Basic Qualifications:
Enrolled in Engineering or Computer Science Program.

Familiarity with Microsoft Word, Access, and Excel.
Desired Skills:
Experience using Microsoft Visual Studio.Net using C++ and/or C# is a plus

Have good written/oral communications skills.

Team Player - Work well with others.

Ability to learn processes and procedures quickly.
Be a Self Starter and detail oriented.

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