College Intern

Description:At the dawn of a new space age, Lockheed Martin is a pioneer, partner, innovator and builder. Our amazing men and women are on a mission to make a difference in the world and every day we use our unique skills and experiences to create, design and build solutions to some of the worlds' hardest engineering problems. Our culture inspires employees to dream big, perform with excellence and create incredible products. We provide the resources, inspiration and focus and if you have the passion and courage to dream big, we want to build a better tomorrow with you.

"Space is a warfighting domain." These words aren't just a bumper sticker, but rather have become the foundation for the Unites States and its allies in our approach to military space, and it is the bedrock upon which Lockheed Martin is developing tomorrow's capability. The idea of warfighting in space was only a thing of science fiction in the past, but we are now preparing to defend space as the first front of the next war. To do this, Lockheed Martin is at the leading edge of new technologies, approaches, and capabilities - we just can't tell you about all of them. Now we need you - the best, brightest, and those that want to make a difference while working with the government to make science fiction a reality.


Whether it be in navigation, communication, missile defense, surveillance, or protection of our space capabilities themselves, Lockheed Martin is the leading partner and collaborator with our warfighters. We always keep the warfighters we serve at the front of our mind, and by doing so serve the higher cause of US security and international stability. So, when you look to the night sky, what do you see? Is it GPS, constantly providing exact location coordinates to our nation's military and in support of global commerce? Do you think of celestial sentries monitoring the world to alert us early of missile launches? How about a spacecraft securely connecting our forces in harm's way or transmitting critical information from our nation's leadership? Do you see something else, shrouded in secrecy.......? And most of all, can you see yourself there, defining the solutions that will enable these missions in the future?

At Lockheed Martin Space we see all of these things, and within the Military Space line of business we create them. Each and every day, our amazing men and women are on a mission to make a difference in the world. We utilize our diverse backgrounds and unique skills to solve some of our country's toughest engineering challenges. Our innovative culture encourages employees to seek answers, perform with excellence, and create incredible products. If you have the passion and courage to dream big, we want to build a better tomorrow with you.


As a Business Development Analyst intern, you will support the identification of new growth opportunities in the Military Space domain, covering missions including missile early warning, protected satellite communications, navigation (e.g., GPS), space situational awareness (i.e., understanding where objects are in orbit), and space protection (i.e., defending our assets in space). You will take an active role in defining campaigns and developing solutions that enable the US Government and its allies to anticipate and get ahead of future threats both terrestrially and in space. You will engage regularly with Lockheed Martin executives on both issues of near-term opportunity pursuit and long-term strategy. Responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

• Development of mission area campaigns
• Conduct of competitive assessment
• Evaluation of future opportunity space
• Definition of business cases for investments including M&A
• Analysis of strategic and technical options in support of the mission
• Consultation to LM executives on strategic issues
• Support for marketing activities with customers
Basic Qualifications:
• Actively enrolled in a Finance, Economics, Accounting, Business Administration, Management, Engineering, Liberal Arts, or related degree program.

• This position requires special access to support the program and requires the selected candidate to be a US Citizen.
Desired Skills:
• Must be a self-starter, willing to take initiative for driving new growth opportunities - willingness to take ownership

• Effective communication across multiple media, including oral, written (document and PPT deck format), analytical conclusions

• Strong analytical competency, able to assess multiple alternatives through various lenses

• Interest in the national security mission and a passion for advancing cutting edge capabilities for the national security space mission

• Familiarity with the space sector, especially those applications relevant in Military Space

• Understanding and versing in government, particularly DoD contracting, organizational constructs, processes, and culture

• Basic financial acumen (e.g., balance sheets, measures of profitability)

• Previous internships in consulting, finance, or systems engineering are a plus

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