Regional Vice President of Sales - East

Job Description
Lithium is looking for a Regional Vice President of Sales for our East territory to lead the sales function and help shape strategy, to aggressively grow and mature the team as the Eastern territory continues to scale quickly and cement its market dominant position.

Key Responsibilities

• Develop, implement, and execute an overall strategy for the company's sales, to considerably enhance the already excellent growth trajectory it is enjoying.

• Take a pivotal role on the ongoing development of business strategy, in conjunction with Lithium's executive team, to ensure that the business continues to deliver what customers need, as the market develops.

• Work closely with Product Management, to help define the product's road map.

• Take responsibility for the sales teams currently in place, and actively develop and grow the team to achieve the strategic and annual plans.

• Provide exceptional leadership to inspire a young and fast-growing team to capitalize on the current situation and accept nothing less than market leadership as the company continues to grow at extraordinary rates.

• Personally use any and all means needed, to get access to the senior leadership of target accounts and drive the initial purchase on the sales process. There is clear evidence that once a customer tests the product, the exceptional insight and access the solution gives, nearly always drives revenue and subsequent strong account growth. The RVP Sales will have the access, domain knowledge and ability to open to the door and will lead their team into these marquee environments.

• Be an active and vocal member of the global senior leadership team, ensuring that the region has a major voice in the ongoing development of the company and its offerings

• Participate in key customer/partner presentations and maintain excellent customer relationships throughout the company's targeted major accounts. Act as the company's leading sales person and lead the team from the front.

• Develop and maintain systems and processes that provide genuine visibility and accurately forecast sales results and opportunities, as well as, provide quantitative and qualitative input for strategic decisions in the group.

• Be an active and recognizable focal point and figurehead for the company within the region ensuring that the company's prestige and fame continue to grow.

Qualifications & Experience

• A world class experienced sales professional with at least 8 years of proven success. Candidates will have a demonstrable record of increasing management responsibility and led sales or a business for companies in the Enterprise SaaS arena.

• The successful candidate will be highly conversant, ideally an expert, within the world of social media. They will know the competing offerings in the market and be able to rapidly understand the extraordinary advantages that Lithium has over them.

• A well developed, large and current rolodex of key contacts within major target customers will be a huge advantage.

• Experience of having grown and run a national or regional organization. Ideally, the successful candidate should have some experience working in a global corporation where best practices are shared regularly.

• Evidence of having thrived in a fast growth, open environment. Ideally will have worked in a company in hyper growth. The successful candidate will also
demonstrably be a natural born competitor, whose life paints a picture of someone who lives to compete and expects and achieves success in all fields of their life.

• Consistent record of exceeding sales targets and motivating the sales team to
aggressively exceed targets is critical. Experience of delivering excellence across multiple functional would be optimal.

• This individual needs to be demonstrably comfortable in the world of KPI's and will have a strong understanding of operating metrics and ROAS components.

Skills & Personal Characteristics


• Strong background in developing and managing commercial relationships.

• Strong leadership skills; must have a consistent track record in recruiting high
performing people.

• A detailed and systematic approach to targeting, monitoring, and appraising team
members. Will have experience of creating and maintaining sophisticated sales
management and planning techniques.

• Must have the ability to nurture and develop commercial teams to exceed targets and
view 100% of target as a minimum performance standard.

• Rigorous, open, rational, and original.


• Exceptional negotiation, presentation, and listening skills. Must have the credibility and commercial maturity necessary to give high-quality input to senior management meetings, presentations to the Board of Directors, and within the customer base. Will spearhead a business in a high growth phase.

• Excellent interpersonal skills will be needed in order to build the strong relationships that will be critical to the success of this role.

• Will have the gravitas, executive presence, charisma, and knowledge to be credible in complex discussions and negotiations.

Motivation/Culture Fit

• Highly self-motivated and objective driven.

• Business minded, comfortable driving for consistent growth and margin.

• Will seamlessly fit as a member of a team where individuals are empowered to make a genuine impact on the business and lead its growth.

• A pragmatic approach and the ability to thrive under the pressure of constant change and moving targets.

• Ability to operate in a hard driving but respectful and open environment where value added team play is rewarded and politics is not tolerated.

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