Documentation Software Engineer II

Job Description
Partner closely with the Lithium's Development, Services, and Documentation teams to inspire developers and equip them with the tools and documentation they need to get the most out of Lithium's products. Your primary vehicle for doing this is service to local, national, and international developer communities. In this position you will:

  • Create the next version of the Lithium Developer Documentation Portal to improve not only the tools and processes to author and publish content, but also create a best-in-class content portal for all our developer documentation to enable customers to easily find and use our developer documentation.
    • Investigate and implement API documentation solutions for existing Lithium RESTful APIs, Javascript APIs, Freemarker APIs, and CSS/SASS.
    • Modernize the internal API documentation platform including build systems and repository architecture
    • Work with the documentation team to create helpful code examples and other technical content
    • Maintain and improve upon existing, homegrown build systems as needed
    • Implement the front-end UI and create clear, easily-maintainable CSS
  • Create technical content in partnership with the Documentation team for publication on the Lithium community and other outlets.
  • Have a passion for the Developer Experience -- build a Documentation set that you would like to use yourself
  • Speak and share your expertise at user groups and conferences, as needed.
  • Connect and network with other developers to identify how to unleash the full power of Lithium for our customers.
  • Support our developers wherever they are, on forums, social media, and everywhere in between.

Skills & Requirements
The Lithium Documentation Developer should be able to draw on their knowledge and experience to build out the next generation of the Lithium Dev Doc Portal, use their general engineering prowess to effectively debug someone else's production application and make recommendations on best practices for creating secure software and hardware, and act as the "voice of the developer" to the Lithium product teams to evangelize best practices and tools for our developer users.

Effective communications skills and coding chops are essential to this role. Some specific qualities we think are essential are:
  • Passion for easy-to-find and easy-to-use self-help documentation
  • Experience using/building modern Developer Documentation experiences
  • Proficiency in Java, Javascript, CSS, and HTML
  • Knowledge of the Lithium platform is a plus
  • Friendly and approachable demeanor
  • Leadership and service in developer communities.
  • Technical writing skills as demonstrated via blog posts and other written work.

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