Application Operations Technician

    • Bengaluru, India

Job Description
If you want to accelerate your learning and career growth in a forward-looking company, Lithium's network operations team is building out in Bangalore with both those that have experience and those that have a great aptitude for customer service!

If you're interested in being part of an amazing team that is a customer satisfaction leader and is working towards being one of the top global software support organizations, here's where you'd be able to make a difference:
• Monitor requests, provide support and respond to queries from our customers in an accurate and timely manner
• Monitor systems and applications proactively to prevent customer outages and impact
• Escalate problems to the correct teams where appropriate
• Resolving simple requests without needing to escalate
• Identifying documentation requirements in our knowledge base
• Maintaining our high standards for customer communication and response times (15 minutes or less)
• Engaging in training opportunities for our products and key technical areas
Realistically, we need a customer focused individual with an enthusiasm and aptitude for technology and social media and who loves engaging with people. We're looking for someone who gets a kick out of helping their colleagues as well as solving problems for customers. There'll be plenty of opportunities to learn about our products and develop your career in a technical or customer-centric direction.

Skills & Requirements
In this role, we are looking more for aptitude & attitude than specifically around existing expertise. Our team members need to possess customer service skills that make the company shine and also have an attitude and personality that makes them suited to work with people (our customers and their co-workers!) and make those people happy.

The NOC Technician role is entry level technically and is responsible for ensuring that our customers are communicated with, our internal staff members are followed up on, and dealing with the bulk of our straight forward technical questions. This team takes on learning the system and technologies, but we have the luxury of training you in the details.


  • Some experience in customer and/or technical support roles, ideally supporting web applications
  • Demonstrable interest in software and technology
  • Ability to understand and troubleshoot basic technical issues
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • Able to communicate effectively between teams and individuals of varying technical expertise
  • Familiar with the latest trends in social channels (forums, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Able to multi-task effectively while working on customer issues
  • Willingness to travel occasionally if the need arises (

Education (Preferred, not Required)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or related field
  • Technical or support certifications such as HDI, ITIL, MCSA: SQL or Oracle SQL Expert

Why you should join our team

We have a technical bootcamp in which you'll learn how to work with our products, focus your attention on the right things that our customers need and understand how to empathetically work with our customers. Our motivation is to truly make a difference on each case by responding quickly and with high quality.

We earn the loyalty and trust of our customers by setting a new standard for amazing support every interaction, every day.

The team is hoping to find someone who is energized by social media, customer support, and solving complex challenges. We're open, transparent and hardworking. Our culture is as exciting as our products and we're looking for another person to join. Comecheck us out!

Current Bangalore Openings

We work with our teams to ensure that we have the right coverage across the globe. These roles have more defined shifts required due to the nature of our business. All shifts are subject to change based on business needs and rotation, however we do our best to ensure that our employees are forewarned and stable!

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