Mid-Market Sales Director

Exciting news from Lever HQ! We just closed our Series C round of funding, and are looking for great people to help us scale to meet demand.

Help us continue to build and lead the sales organization at Lever.  We are the only hiring application that mobilizes the entire company to collaborate on hiring. We are the only solution designed to engage hiring managers, who are most affected by hiring outcomes, throughout the hiring process.  By facilitating a true partnership between recruiters and hiring managers, we’re able to make hiring faster, better, and more deeply embedded into a company’s core culture. 

We are looking for a seasoned sales director who has experience growing teams and developing top performers. You will have 3-5 years of proven sales management experience in a fast-growing enterprise SaaS company.  You can demonstrate that you’ve previously built scalable processes and implemented strategies that have successfully grown a sales team, and that people you’ve coached and developed have gone on to achieve further success. You also have proven experience increasing year-over-year revenue and have developed an uncanny ability to forecast accurately. 

Coaching and skill development are a key part of this role. Initially, you will be working with 6-8 highly motivated Account Executives, and will be responsible for helping them drive results and achieve a higher level of mastery of their role. You'll also be responsible for scaling and growing your team through--you guessed it--working with Lever's Lever and recruiting team.

This role has nearly limitless ability to influence our organization and work cross-functionally with nearly all teams. Our sales leaders partner with our Marketing, Customer Success, and Finance teams to continue to empower their reps and close more and more revenue each month. You will be no stranger to our executive team and you'll have the opportunity to learn from, partner with, and inform them from day one. Help us scale our sales organization as we head into this next season of growth!


  • Attend Ramp Camp, our company-wide onboarding, and complete a starter project with your class; present findings / project to relevant stakeholders.
  • Learn the suite of Lever products; be able to discuss the Lever origin story and be able to strategize with your reps.
  • Shadow demo calls with each of your reps to learn Lever’s benefits / features, your reps’ styles and strengths, and understand common objections & differentiators.
  • Sit in on touchpoint calls, negotiations, and support your reps at any stage in order to understand our sales cycle
  • Interview and close sales candidates for not only your team, but other sales teams as well; have completed interviewer training with Sales Recruiter  
  • Establish and run weekly team meetings with: 1:1s with your direct reports; define individual goals with each rep to be reviewed and discussed each week with Go-to-Market leadership; report on your segment’s quota attainment, progress to weekly / monthly / quarterly goals, and conversion rates


  • Have diagnosed strengths and weaknesses of your team: understand Mid-Market lead flow and partner with SDR and SDR management to increase qualified leads month over month.
  • Hire your first account executive.
  • Build your first training session based on your assessment of the most time sensitive area of weakness.
  • Shadow top-performing reps to understand how they build their own pipeline and close deals, in order to replicate these behaviors throughout rest of team as appropriate.
  • Plan how your team will exceed their monthly sales goals: improve conversion rate; improve close-win rate 100% quota attainment in your first quarter.
  • Demonstrate your competitive landscape knowledge by strategizing on deals with your reps; you will demonstrate your knowledge by helping them close your first team deal.
  • Understand the "why" behind our close-win and close-lost rates. Compose 3 salesforce reports for close / won or close / lost deals and create a hypothesis for why these deals are successful / unsuccessful.
  • Schedule 3 external meetings with Lever customers and power users, from recruiters to hiring managers, to understand why they chose Lever and how they see us differentiated in the market; use this information to amend or update our sales playbook.
  • Plan and lead your first team offsite; survey results and plan improvements for your next one.


  • Achieve month-over-month increase in rep productivity as a result of coaching and consistent constructive feedback. 
  • Partner with recruiting team to re-evaluate the account executive hiring process and our AE hiring goals. 
  • Accurately report and forecast (within 15%) by partnering with your reps, Finance, and Sales Ops;
  • -Create clear infrastructure for your team to maintain high standards of data integrity
  • Cultivate a great culture within your team - exemplary brand, social ties, high energy - and pave the way for the entire sales org.
  • Iterate on past offsites by not only including social events but opportunities for training, guest speakers as well as other events to encourage continuity and development 
  • Regularly attend 2-5 prospect / customer onsites / week, especially in seeding larger deals for your team.
  • Increase your team’s win rates; your team will achieve / exceed 100% of quota.


  • Build talent retention plan as well as career progression to ensure turnover is below 15% year-over-year.
  • Have successfully executed on yearly quota - over 100% of plan; cultivate a team of AEs who are consistently closing deals and increasing ACV 15% QoQC
  • Create a portfolio of customer references for each vertical. This can also be broken down for clients on continents outside of North America.
  • Successfully coach and mentor the top performing AEs to sell as well as Sarah, our CEO, or any other founder/executive.
  • Partner with other Sales Managers and the SVP of Sales to build out verticals, territories, and partnerships that add value to our sales cycle

Lever builds modern recruiting software for teams to source, interview, and hire top talent. Our team strives to set a new bar for enterprise software with modern, well-designed, real-time apps. We participated in Y Combinator in summer 2012, and since then have raised $73 million. As the applicant tracking system of choice for Netflix, Lyft, Eventbrite, Foursquare, ClearSlide, change.org, and thousands more leading companies, Lever means you hire the best by hiring together.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace committed to building a team culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion. Take an inside look into life at Lever.

Meet Some of Lever's Employees

Phil G.

Senior Implementation Specialist

Phil helps customers dig into the details of Lever’s software by familiarizing them with features. He also helps teach customers to customize those features to their hiring needs and get them up and running.

Maria A.

Account Executive

Maria consults with human resources professionals and recruiters to strategize how Lever can help find top talent, bring that talent in, and ensure a smooth hiring process.

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