JavaScript Framework Author

Work directly with our CTO on DerbyJS, the only realtime JavaScript framework with optimized server HTML and client DOM rendering. DerbyJS is designed for ShareDB, a distributed realtime application backend that syncs all data via Operational Transformation, the same algorithm that powers Google Docs.

Within 3 months, you’ll…

  • Add tests and close open issues in DerbyJS
  • Write a testing framework for DerbyJS components
  • Optimize the performance of DOM bindings and DerbyJS's event emitter
  • Overhaul DerbyJS's router

Within 6 months, you’ll…

  • Release DerbyJS 1.0
  • Speak at conferences, work with open source community members, and otherwise establish yourself as an innovator in web application development
  • Optimize DOM rendering performance using an innovative DOM templating technique
  • Write an ORM for DerbyJS's model library

Within 12 months, you’ll…

  • Know more about JavaScript, DOM, and browser idiosyncrasies than our CTO
  • Be known in the open source community as a major JavaScript framework influencer
  • Drive the continued roadmap of the DerbyJS framework

The Lever Story:

Lever builds software for teams to source, interview, and hire top talent. Our team strives to set a new bar for enterprise software with modern, well-designed, real-time apps. We participated in Y Combinator in summer 2012, and since then have raised $33 million. This year, we're doubling the team in size, and we're looking forward to supporting more great companies like Netflix, Eventbrite, and Lyft.

Under the hood, we're a technology company with a powerful open-source web framework: DerbyJS. It is the first and only open-source MVC framework that syncs all data via an Operational Transformation backend, using the same algorithm that powers Google Docs. DerbyJS is also uniquely optimized to render everything on the server as well as the client.

Lever is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace dedicated to pursuing and hiring a diverse workforce.

Meet Some of Lever's Employees

Phil G.

Senior Implementation Specialist

Phil helps customers dig into the details of Lever’s software by familiarizing them with features. He also helps teach customers to customize those features to their hiring needs and get them up and running.

Maria A.

Account Executive

Maria consults with human resources professionals and recruiters to strategize how Lever can help find top talent, bring that talent in, and ensure a smooth hiring process.

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