Head of Sales Enablement

Lever solves the #1 challenge for every company: hiring top talent. Recruiting is a hot market, growing 12-15% y/y on its own, and Applicant Tracking Systems like Lever are in high demand. We’ve already attracted an elite roster of customers including Netflix, Lyft, Foursquare, Reddit and Eventbrite, and we’re just getting started.

Lever is the only hiring software that is mobilizing the entire company to collaborate on hiring. Built on the technology that allows real-time collaboration in the Google Suite (our Co-Founder developed the technology, after all), we can support a true partnership between recruiters and managers. We’re able to make hiring faster, higher-quality, and more embedded into a company’s core culture.

We just closed our Series C, bringing our total funding to $70M, and now need to scale our sales team to keep up with demand. We’re looking for our head of sales enablement to help develop our quickly growing team of highly motivated Sales Development Representatives and Account Executives. This will be the first hire within our sales enablement org and you will partner directly with our SVP of Sales as well as Director of Sales Development. This role will allow you the space to creatively build a repeatable training playbook for onboarding new sales representatives as well as more established reps. You will own enablement and will collaborate with Lever's other departments including Product, Marketing and Customer Success to help reps be as productive and successful as possible.

Lever’s Sales team is a tight-knit team with diverse backgrounds--we’re seasoned salespeople, whip-smart new grads, and even a few former recruiters. Learn more about growing the team and our thoughts on career development from Sales Development Director, Ashley Kelly.

Within 1 month, you'll..

  • Complete Ramp Camp, Lever’s company wide on boarding program, as well as your starter project; you’ll learn about all facets of the business, and will be set up for success to dive into your role during week two
  • Dive into Lever’s Lever by shadowing two recruiting team members in order to gain a baseline understanding of Lever the product as well as how recruiters use our tools
  • Gather all existing documentation, records, and training materials across all segments; build a collective library to share with the team
  • Complete sales demo certification by end of your first month
  • Shadow one rep from each segment to learn Lever’s value prop, common objections and selling style; identify training areas and opportunities for you to build and conduct

Within 3 months, you'll..

  • Produce a 30-60-90 plan for new hires, including onboarding trainings for new hires
  • Understand the history of previous onboarding techniques and look for areas of strength and weakness; use these insights to improve your own training cadence and structure
  • Deliver a quarterly calendar for ongoing ramped trainings; create a tracking mechanism to show reps progress and the roadmap for trainings they will be expected to attend; share with the team
  • Take over ownership of the SDR and sales technology stack; evaluate and iterate on current tooling to increase efficiency of reps
  • Meet with and maintain relationship with all current vendors; as necessary, partner with vendor to deliver relevant trainings with the team
  • Manage our reps’ day-to-day usage of various sales tools, including setting and documenting usage/data expectations with the team
  • Schedule weekly role plays and monthly team trainings
  • Become a liaison for SDRs, Sales, Marketing, and Product teams to collaborate with and create content for trainings; meet monthly with Director of Demand Generation and discuss alignment while correcting for any areas of low performance

Within 6 months, you'll..

  • Evaluate ramping and quota attainment of reps including quality of calls, emails, and meetings scheduled
  • Based on your findings, make necessary adjustments; solicit feedback from sales leadership and other relevant stakeholders
  • Begin to help with the hiring of SDR’s and sales reps; complete sales interviewer training and partner with the sales recruiting team to understand our hiring bar and hiring process
  • Collaborate with sales leadership on the sales quarterly kickoff; outline your training roadmap and areas of opportunity for our reps with appropriate plans in place
  • Execute a 30/60/90 day training plan for all new hires
  • Identify an improvement metric in new hire productivity and manage, with the help of sales leadership to that metric
  • Based on findings from weekly role plays and team meetings, create and execute appropriate training to improve reps’ success
  • Create and execute certifications that align with career development

Within 12 months, you'll..

  • Review your training plan and identify three areas of improvement based on rep productivity and feedback
  • Have a complete understanding of each sales function; use this information to develop people for future career moves within the sales org
  • Partner with the sales recruiting team to build your first impact description hire your first team member
  • Review your first year with the SVP of Sales: what went well? What would you change?

Lever builds modern recruiting software for teams to source, interview, and hire top talent. Our team strives to set a new bar for enterprise software with modern, well-designed, real-time apps. We participated in Y Combinator in summer 2012, and since then have raised $73 million. As the applicant tracking system of choice for Netflix, Lyft, Eventbrite, ClearSlide, change.org, and thousands more leading companies, Lever means you hire the best by hiring together.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace committed to building a team culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion. Take an inside look into life at Lever.

Meet Some of Lever's Employees

Rachael S.

Platform Engineer

Rachael chases performance bottlenecks in Lever’s software and squashes bugs in its open source framework. She also works on internal tools to make Lever’s teams more efficient.

Maria A.

Account Executive

Maria consults with human resources professionals and recruiters to strategize how Lever can help find top talent, bring that talent in, and ensure a smooth hiring process.

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