Path Forward Returnship - UI Engineer

The Path Forward Return to Work program at Lending Club is a 16- week paid internship for experienced professionals returning to the workforce after taking time off for caregiving. The program is open to women and men who have at least 5 years of professional experience and have been out of the paid workforce for at least two years to focus on caring for a child or other dependent. If you meet these criteria, we welcome you to apply.

At Lending Club, we are excited to be part of the Path Forward program because we appreciate the skills you can offer, the perspective you provide, and the contributions you will make. This program offers you a chance to revamp your skills, update your resume with new experience, and make connections with other women and men transitioning back to the workforce. It also offers support through Path Forward, a nonprofit organization on a mission to empower people who've been focused on caregiving transition back to the paid workforce.

About Us

Lending Club (NYSE: LC) opened in 2007 with one simple mission: create a more efficient, transparent and customer-friendly alternative to the traditional banking system that offers creditworthy borrowers lower interest rates and investors better returns. Today, we're the world's largest online credit marketplace, and we're radically changing the way lending operates. We're proud of the recognition we've received, including being named a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, a CNBC Disruptor 50, and one of The World's 10 Most Innovative Companies in Finance by Fast Company. We're conveniently located in downtown San Francisco, California.

The Role

The Lending Club UI Platform team is looking for passionate, modern day UI/JavaScript developers that understand that building complex web experiences requires truly engineered solutions. The UI engineering mindset and toolbox has radically advanced over the last couple years. We are embracing this change by redefining our whole UI architecture, using modern open source libraries. DevOps is integrated into everything a modern engineer does, and we embrace owning our platform from code commit to production deployment. We are looking for engineers who also support this movement and want to be part of our mission to transform the banking system. We have a unique opportunity for you to bring your talent and passion to drive a massive change in how we build users experiences across all of our product lines and how consumers experience the Lending Club platform.

Ideal Candidate

  • 2+ years software engineering experience in a web environment in any language
  • 1+ years hands-on production level coding experience with Node.js in a consumer application
  • Experience with unit test patterns (nice to have used Jasmine, Mocha, or similar)
  • Experience with npm, gulp, asset pipelines (browserify, webpack, or similar)
  • Knowledge of idiomatic JavaScript programming patterns
  • Ability to create web applications that maintain a rich experience using stateless HTTP design patterns
  • 1+ years working in an API-driven environment, consuming RESTful APIs from Node (i.e. Microservices)

Bonus points

  • Experience with React-Redux or other similar modern frameworks
  • Knowledge and experience with ES6+
  • Currently working in TDD style, experience and affinity with dev-authored integration and functional tests
  • Experience with CI/CD and DevOps tools (Jenkins, Docker, etc.)
  • Understanding of modern customer development strategies (Lean Startup, marketing, etc.)
  • Cross-browser, cross-platform UI design

See Inside the Office of LendingClub

Lending Club (NYSE: LC) is the world’s largest online credit marketplace, connecting borrowers and investors. Lending Club uses technology to lower costs, passing the savings on to borrowers in the form of lower rates—and to investors in the form of solid returns. The market leader by a wide margin, Lending Club has helped more than a million Americans achieve their financial goals to date.

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