Credit Team Lead

Job Description:

Lending Club is looking to hire a Team Lead to be a part of the Credit Team. We are looking for experienced candidates with a passion and commitment to achieving operational excellence. A Team Lead will help support supervisors in the daily management of the team, and will step in as needed if the supervisor is unavailable. The Team Lead mitigates loan review risk, mentor new representatives, and exhibit expertise in departmental policies and procedures. The Team Lead position can prepare representatives for a role in leadership and other exciting career advancement opportunities. This position reports to a Credit Supervisor.


  • Candidate with 1+ years of experience in financial services with knowledge of reviewing financial documents including W-2, pay stubs, retirement documents and tax returns.
  • History of solid performance in meeting metric goals. For internal candidates, metrics include quality assurance scores with minimal or no auto fails or transaction errors and decisions/day.
  • A helpful and friendly attitude coupled with the ability to coach effectively.
  • Experience working in a very fast-paced environment with strong multi-tasking required.
  • Ability to work independently, effectively, and efficiently.
  • A track record of exceptional attendance and punctuality.
  • Strong analytical skills with high attention to detail required.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Excellent customer relations skills as a problem solver with a strong interest in resolving customer issues.

Position Scope and Responsibilities:

  • Support supervisors by backing up leadership in assisting representatives with elevated loan and document review as well as call escalations.
  • Lead the team when supervisors are in meetings or out of the office. Team Lead helps support supervisors in the daily management of the team, and will step in as needed if the supervisor is unavailable.
  • Perform loan review for a minimum of 60%-80% of their bandwidth, dependent upon other non-production assignments.
  • Professionalism in dress and demeanor.
  • Maintain exemplary performance metric goals including quality assurance scores, decisions/day, and turnaround time.
  • Participate in other tasks/projects in conjunction with Operations and interdepartmental partners.
  • Motivate peers and align teammates with team and department goals.
  • Identify and leverage teammates’ strengths to maximize performance and development.
  • Personifies Lending Club values through behaviors and actions.

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