Software/Systems Architect

As a S oftware/Systems Architect , you'll be responsible for the architecture of a complex analytics platform that is already changing the way the Consumer Packaged Goods industry provides transparency. A S oftware/Systems Architect understands cutting-edge tools and frameworks, existing system design and is able to determine what the best tools are for any given task. Label Insight is a rapidly growing company with challenges in both scaling technology as well processes and people.

S oftware/Systems Architects are expected to stay up to date and test new technologies while still providing solutions for day-to-day problems. They are responsible for ensuring all our XFN teams are not blocked and consistently making the correct tradeoffs in software design and architecture. This role serves as the key intersection of Software Development, System Design and the Business and Organization needs.


  • Understand the impact Engineering and Technology has on the Business Objectives and Organization structure.
  • Collaborate across functional areas to define, prioritize and ensure implementation of specific innovations to improve technical functionality in support of business needs, efficiencies and revenue.
  • Able to communicate technical concepts to business stakeholders, as well as communicate business objectives to the technical team.
  • Leverage past experience and use strong communication skills to collaborate effectively with all stakeholders including customers, senior management and other business leaders.
  • Capable of jumping in to help debug and triage critical systems as needed.
  • Proactively nurtures the talent of the senior staff in their areas.
  • Build and support high functioning, motivated teams.
  • Support technical innovation and lead the creation, continual refinement and active enforcement of our development standards.
  • Foster an organization that understands how to balance technical debt with business goals.
  • Contribute to architectural direction by asking the right questions to ensure architecture matches business needs for the area.
  • Develop and deploy new strategies for building a high velocity, high performance and high quality development organization.

  • Flexible: ably navigates within ambiguity; can operate effectively at various levels of abstraction.
  • Humility: low ego; engenders trust; respectful.
  • Understands and evangelizes our development philosophies:
    • Distributed Systems, SaaS
    • Domain Driven Design
    • Event-Based Architecture
    • Code maintainability, SOLID Principles
    • Don't overengineer the solution
    • Discuss and learn from failure
  • Previous experience and familiarity with our technology stack:
    • Java 8, Python, JavaScript, Spring Boot, NodeJs
    • ReactJS or other modern JavaScript framework
    • Business Intelligence/Analytics (Redshift, Snowflake, Hadoop)
    • SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL) and NoSQL (DynamoDB, Redis)
    • Search and analytics (Apache Solr, Elasticsearch)
    • AWS (EC2, RDS, SWF, S3, etc)
    • Messaging (SQS, SNS, RabbitMQ)
    • Integration/ETL frameworks (Apache NiFi, Spring Batch/Integration)
    • Rule Systems (Drools)
    • Continuous delivery (Elastic Beanstalk, CircleCI, Terraform, Ansible)
    • Machine Learning/Data Science (Computer Vision, NLP, Classification)
Who we are:
Label Insight was founded with the mission of helping consumers understand what's in the products they use and consume. Today, our world class, venture backed, SaaS data platform is solving transparency for the entire industry. Our unique team is made up of talented engineers and data scientists, who work alongside food science and nutrition experts and product formulation specialists, who enable the enriched attribution capability of our tools. We've also attracted top senior executive talent with decades of leadership experience to help manage our rapid growth and scale.

Our Values:
  • Transparency : We're transparent and open about our work.
  • Collaboration : We're team players. We support and trust our co-workers, celebrate each other's wins and learn from each other's failures. We work to create an environment where everyone can thrive.
  • Iteration and Innovation : We're not afraid to challenge assumptions, make suggestions for better solutions, try new ideas, or take smart risks. We challenge the status quo, and feel safe to make mistakes knowing we can learn from them rather than repeat them.
  • Intellectual Honesty and Humility : We pursue the best answer, not proving ourselves right. We are aware of our own biases and admit when we're wrong. We're willing to ask for help when we need it.
  • Accountability : We take responsibility for our own work quality, problems and solutions, and how our actions affect those around us.
  • Quality Driven : We strive for quality in our work and our approach to our role. We make data-driven decisions.

Perks of the job:
  • Unlimited paid vacation
  • Flexible work hours
  • Kitchen stocked with snacks, drinks, a kegerator and more!
  • Casual, dog-friendly, open-layout workspace
  • Company subsidized Health Insurance, and 401(k) and commuter benefits
  • Competitive salary and stock options
  • Catered team lunches every other week
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Regular team events and happy hours
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave

Check out more about Label Insight, our culture, and our employees here .

Meet Some of Label Insight's Employees

Dheeraj P.

CTO & Co-Founder

This is all about providing food tranparency to the consumer

Tyler T.

Technical Project Manager

Tyler is tasked with ensuring that the priorities of the cross-functional team he oversees are being properly communicated and completed, in order to provide consumers with full product transparency.

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