Staff Dev Ops Engineer

DevOps recognizes the interdependence of software development and Technology operations and helps the organization produce software and Technology services more rapidly, with frequent iterations, with as much automation as possible to provide service and support for rapid development and certification. Manages and monitors the different environments, which take part in the SDLC for the new software to be able to make it to production. Cross functional team managing functionalities of Release Engineering, Release Management, Performance Engineering, Configuration Management as well as Site Reliability Engineering. Essential job function of this team is to assist Software Engineering with all the non-development Technology functionality that is needed to roll out new solutions.
leads software engineering and technology operations in the implementation of new solutions and ensuring stable and scalable environments.

  • Leads Business/Foundational/Platform based features/initiatives spanning across applications and environments, involving multiple integrations
  • Demonstrates in-depth knowledge within a specific environment and knowledge across multiple environments
  • Architect, design & build, manage and improve large scale tools & applications for continuous integration, automated performance and stress testing & release management across multiple applications
  • Oversees the development of scripts to automate Dev ops functions
  • Develops and leads systems automation and provisioning frameworks for Foundational/Platform based initiatives spanning across applications, involving multiple integrations
  • Supports developing strategy for development teams in the management of code, configuration management and multiple release branches using CI/CD tools across applications involving multiple integrations
  • Sets up the framework for collaboration with development teams to discuss, analyze, or resolve application issues or to assist with large scale engineering projects.
  • Leads teams to plan for supporting the Infrastructure needs including multiple applications and environments, involving multiple integrations
  • Architects & designs techniques for effective comparative testing & Benchmarking
  • Oversees & approves the solutions for Performance Recommendations.
  • Manages the exact content and roll-out plans for releases, through partnership with all involved teams
  • Advises, coordinates & executes the development of the distribution/deployment mechanism
  • Leads architecture solutions, using best practices, that meet requirements of functionality, performance, reliability with high scalability
  • Builds & tests prototypes to demonstrate feasibility of architectural designs
  • Troubleshoot issues spanning across applications, involving multiple integrations, consisting of many different coordinated processes

  • 6+ years of experience in Dev Ops related functions and designs including 1 to 2 years of project lead experience
  • Strong organizational, analytical, critical thinking and leadership skills
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent in MIS, Computer Science or related field
  • Advanced degree or equivalent in MIS, Computer Science or related field
  • Retail experience
  • Understanding of Kohls Technology capabilities
special requirements
  • NA

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