Staff Data Scientist

Data scientists interpret and apply data in analyses, and explain findings to business audiences typically, to improve products and processes. Projects support business decision making for multiple business functions. Designs, creates, implements, and manages predictive analytics that leverage large and varied datasets, using a wide range of analytical tools, methods, and platforms.

You will work with large volumes of data to develop new algorithms and models both to improve existing products and to help create new ones while working on cutting edge systems and algorithms. We are looking for bright self-starter individuals who have a history of solving real world data problems, both big-data and small, using whatever tools are widely available in data science. You will act as a thought leader and scour through peer-reviewed research to justify the approaches and communicate the benefits to stakeholders. You recognize that data cleaning is an integral step in data science and can tease insights from real world scenarios by prototyping solutions quickly. At Kohl's you will develop solutions that have large real-world impact on the business and along the way become a leader in the space.

interprets and applies data analytics to translate business insights into actionable items

  • Lead and recommend business decision making for multiple business functions
  • Implements activities that may impact multiple components / processes and the work of other business units / teams / projects
  • Assigned to strategic initiatives across 1 or more business units
  • Leads in the execution of statistical and mathematical solutions to business problems within business unit
  • Leads team in determining intended approach and quantitative methods to develop solution
  • Oversees design experiments to answer targeted questions
  • Develops materials to explain project findings to Leadership
  • Defines and delegates development tasks among team
  • Guides and recommends to team members and partners
  • Provides guidance regarding analytical approach and iteration of algorithms
  • Researches new ways for modeling and predicting end-user behavior and makes recommendations for adoption

  • Required qualifications include (in order of importance):
  • Ph.D in Computer Science, Statistics or equivalent
  • Ability to bring in leadership and new ideas from day one given large body of experience solving relevant problems in industry
  • Must be VERY strong in coding
  • Must be VERY strong in statistics or algorithms
  • Extremely proficient in at least one of the following: python, Spark/Scala, Hadoop/Java, or any other enterprise level object oriented language
  • At least 5-7 years of RELEVANT experience building predictive analytics or machine learning algorithms OUTSIDE of Ph.D Work. Preferably starting from raw data and performing cleaning, feature extraction, peer review research, and final delivery.
  • Strong working knowledge of several of the following data mining techniques: regression analysis, clustering, decision trees ensembles(gradient boosted trees, random forests, bagged trees), neural networks, SVMs (support vector machines), Matrix factorization, or any other common related machine learning/statistical techniques.
  • The ability to work independently on a project or lead a small group of less experienced data scientists towards delivery of project goals
  • Ability to communicate business value of analysis to stakeholders.
  • Ability to identify datasets that may have business value and formulate a proof of concept analysis to prove that value.
  • Masters degree and/or Ph.D.
  • Retail experience
  • Experience developing on big data platforms (ex. Map-Reduce ,spark)
    Experience working on mission critical real-time applications like recommendation engines
    The candidate should have good written and verbal communication skills and should be able to lead an individual project.
special requirements
  • NA

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