Sr. Property Accountant

    • Menomonee Falls, WI

Enforce Kohl's lease rights and hold landlords accountable for their maintenance obligations. Ensure landlords operate and maintain in a manner consistent with self-maintained sites. For non-compliant locations, initiate the default process.



  • Support the budgeting of $40M Landlord CAM Expense and Property Insurance on a store by store and sub-account basis.
  • Forecast the Landlord CAM Expense by rolling up journal entries that true up annual costs submitted by landlords to amounts accrued. Recalculate and adjust current year accrual to reflect the most recent costs reported by landlords.
  • Track variances by month within subaccounts.
  • Reconcile liability account by isolating receivables / payables on a store by store and year by year basis.
  • Itemize annual Landlord CAM reconciliations by managing a process in Microsoft Excel capable of running queries to rank expenses on a cost per square foot basis. Leverage the query capabilities to pinpoint audit and expense challenge opportunities.

  • Analyze CAM reconciliations to ensure the billings comply with the lease and Kohl's audit manual best practices. Identify and calculate overcharge claims. Draft persuasive position letters to support Kohl's point of view.
  • Identify opportunities to settle audit and maintenance issues - including presenting concise feedback to Kohl's legal department on estoppels and approvals. Consolidate the feedback from corporate, the field team, and store management while ensuring the feedback is accurate, relevant and appropriate.
  • Defend Kohl's position and negotiate claims through e-mail, letters, Microsoft Excel analysis, conference calls and face-to-face meetings. If settlement talks stall, escalate claim and strategize with Kohl's real estate and legal departments.
  • Identify audit candidates to be assigned to third party audit firm.
  • Create initial draft of letter agreements and lease amendments to memorialize settlements that refund CAM audit claims, modify future financial obligations, and limit maintenance responsibilities.

  • Ensure Kohl's honors its CAM and building maintenance obligations imposed by lease agreements while enforcing provisions obligating landlords to maintain and/or replace.
  • Initiate and/or mediate arguments with the landlord by researching and analyzing Kohl's legal obligations. Communicate findings internally and to landlords. In the event of lease language ambiguity, craft and defend the argument that produces the most desired outcome for Kohl's.
  • Draft default letters that cite the lease language that's been breached, the acceptable remedy, the time period to cure, and the consequence of landlord's failure to cure. Copy all parties necessary to make the default official (legal counsel, lenders, asset managers, property managers, etc.).
  • Draft persuasive notice letters, citing specific lease provisions, and expert opinions to convince landlords to spend their capital dollars on Kohl's parking lots, HVAC units, and roof replacements.
  • Publish high level lease abstraction data in Service Channel on a store by store basis to ensure the Facilities field team is aware of new store responsibilities and lease amendments that impact existing locations.
  • Track and publish landlord contact data on a store by store basis.
  • Review, challenge and approve audits completed by third party audit firms.  Manage the process from claim to settlement.
  • Review and respond to Kohl's subtenant requests. Utilize legal agreements to determine subtenant responsibility and engage appropriate Kohl's team for issue resolution.


  • Oversee the resolution of Service Channel landlord CAM work orders.
  • Interpret Kohl's operating documents and issue notices or defaults when Landlords are in non-compliance of agreements. Assume responsibility for resolving issues escalated by Kohl's Field team.
  • Oversee Facilities response to Kohl's Legal department's estoppel, approval, and Lease extension requests.
  • Process renewal applications and payments for Kohl's operational business licenses on a store by store basis as required by state, county or local municipality ordinances.
  • Track Licensing obligations and distribute physical licenses to stores. Investigate business license obligations for new store and license requirement changes to existing locations.
  • Provide trade related support to Kohl's CAM team as required.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Finance or other related degree
  • Working knowledge of Financial Software programs
  • 3-5 years of prior property accounting or occupancy cost accounting experience
  • Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft excel and Office Suite
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
  • Ability to handle multiple priorities

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