Software Engineer

Responsible for creating desired functionality to assigned content, products or services in ecommerce. Manages the development, testing and implementation of software that provides robust technical infrastructure and/or software applications used by business units

• Build data pipelines using heterogeneous sources using Pig, Hive and Java map
• Design and develop different architectural models for our scalable data processing
as well as scalable data storage
• Responsible to ensure that the platform goes through Continuous Integration (CI)
and Continuous Deployment (CD) with DevOps automation
• Expands and grows data platform capabilities to solve new data problems and
• Knowledge of design strategies for developing scalable, resilient data pipelines on

Supports or has shared accountability for achieving the operational goals of the

team managed
• Define and develop tasks among team members within an agile environment
• Translates technical requirements into actionable plan items
• Reviews and adjusts work content and flow
• Contributes to the development of new principles and concepts
• Develops and implements process improvements
• Advocates for team by moving decisions forward and eliminating barriers
• Responsible for the delivery of excellence in quality and service levels

• 3+ years of experience in software development / systems engineering / design, 2+
big data specific experience
• Experience with agile development
• Building data ingestion from various source systems to Hadoop using Kafka, Flume,
Sqoop, Spark Streaming, SQL, etc. - experience using Airflow is a plus
• Bachelor's degree or equivalent in MIS, Computer Science or related field
• Worked on Hadoop - exposure to big data.

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