Senior Software Engineer

Responsible for the management of software engineering team(s) responsible for creating desired functionality to assigned content, products or services in ecommerce. Manages the development, testing and implementation of software that provides robust technical infrastructure and/or software applications used by business units.

manages resources and workflows to create desired functionality for assigned domains, products or services
• Build data pipelines using heterogeneous sources using Pig, Hive and Java map
• Design and develop different architectural models for our scalable data processing
as well as scalable data storage
• Responsible to ensure that the platform goes through Continuous Integration (CI)
and Continuous Deployment (CD) with DevOps automation
• Expands and grows data platform capabilities to solve new data problems and
• Knowledge of design strategies for developing scalable, resilient data pipelines on
• Manages the execution of the operating plans of the team managed
• Supports or has shared accountability for achieving the operational goals of the
team managed
• Sets project schedules, designing project parameters and monitoring tasks
• Define and develop tasks among team members within an agile environment
• Translates technical roadmap into actionable plan items
• Reviews and adjusts work content and flow
• Develops and implements policies, procedures and standards
• Contributes to the development of new principles and concepts
• Develops and implements process improvements
• Conducts technical presentations for Management
• Commits time, focus and energy on the development, coaching and performance
feedback for each Associate
• Funnels organizational communication and direction to the team
• Advocates for team by moving decisions forward and eliminating barriers
• Identifies and selects the right talent to support the Greatness Agenda
• Responsible for the delivery of excellence in quality and service levels

• 5+ years of experience in software development / systems engineering / design, 3+
big data specific experience
• Experience with agile development
• Building data ingestion from various source systems to Hadoop using Kafka, Flume,
Sqoop, Spark Streaming, SQL etc. - experience using Airflow desired
• Bachelor's degree or equivalent in MIS, Computer Science or related field
• Worked on Hadoop - exposure to big data.


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