Senior Technical Recruiter

We are looking for a Senior Technical Talent Acquisition Professional to join our growing recruiting team. As part of People Operations, you will have the chance to build relationships with some of the most talented people in the Boston tech industry! You will have a direct impact in contributing to the breakneck growth of Klaviyo, affecting the culture and business tremendously with the hyper-intelligent, driven and empathetic people you bring into the company! You'll own your recruiting numbers, hitting targets and drawing insights from analytics to make our hiring process smarter and more efficient. You’ll gain skills, achieve in ways you hadn’t thought possible all while having fun! Sound good? Read on!


Own Your Process: From sourcing passive technical candidates to closing offers, you will be responsible for providing all candidates with an exceptional experience and ensure Klaviyo is engaging with and hiring exceptional people who will help take Klaviyo to the next level!

Improve Our Process: We’re not perfect, but we do like to recognize and work towards improving those imperfections. Every Klaviyo has a voice, and we want to hear yours! Fresh perspectives grounded in data and analytics are encouraged and considered in order to make sure we are doing things as best as we can!

Build Relationships: Your empathy and people-centric approach will forge lasting relationships with both candidates and hiring managers.

Be an Ambassador: Whether through Klaviyo’s Social Media channels, a recruiting event or good old-fashioned cold outreach, you are an ambassador for Klaviyo and in most cases, the first impression a candidate will have of the company. Candidates are people and you’ll take a balanced approach that makes a candidate feel like an individual while keeping in mind Klaviyo’s business objectives.

Level Up: Learning and growth is a core value at Klaviyo and we want each and every employee who joins to learn new skills, work on things they haven’t had the chance to, and achieve in ways that will significantly advance their career.

Getting Started/Key Outcomes

In the first 30 days you’ll have

  • Understood the Klaviyo product, brand, and audience.
  • Built a foundational relationship with the Engineering and Product leadership team.
  • Gained a working knowledge of Klaviyo hiring processes and best practices.

Within 90 days you’ll

  • Have become the owner and go-to resource for all hiring needs of the teams you support.
  • Have hired 3 engineers.
  • Contributed a significant improvement to the Klaviyo hiring process.

At your 1-year anniversary, you will have

  • Helped more than double the Engineering and Product team.
  • Established yourself as a vital partner in the hiring process.
  • Leveled up your recruiting skill set significantly.

About You

You are professional, empathetic, and helpful by nature. You truly enjoy the process of recruiting and the relationships you build with candidates and co-workers. You’re ambitious and are motivated by a desire for professional and personal growth. There are no recruiting challenges too big and you rise to the occasion when others don’t. You have more than 7 years of full cycle technical recruiting experience with a minimum of 4 years in-house (note: as a full-time employee) at a fast growing Tech Company.

About Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a team of people who are crazy motivated by growth.

It’s what we help our customers do, grow their businesses by making it possible and easy for them to use their data to power better marketing.

It’s how we behave as individuals and we’re all deeply passionate about learning.

It’s how we manage our business. We have thousands of paying customers, we’re profitable, and we’re growing insanely fast.

Working at Klaviyo means you’ll work on things you never imagined you would; you’ll grow in ways you didn’t consider possible, and you’ll do the best work of your career with people who are just as motivated and talented as you are.  

If this sounds like your ideal place to work, let us know!

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