Product Manager

A Product Manager at Klaviyo is passionate about identifying, spec’ing and shipping solutions to solve customer problems.

Our customers are businesses that want to grow. They know there is power in using their data to communicate with their customers in more relevant and targeted ways, but the existing platforms in the market have always been too hard to use or too expensive to take advantage of. Klaviyo customers are passionate, hard-working, ambitious and have incredibly high standards. They expect to deliver the best experiences for their customers and expect us to deliver the best experiences for them, too. We are looking to add people to our team who can help build a world-class product that will continue to delight our customers and exceed their expectations of what’s possible.

Product Management at Klaviyo

What does a Product Manager do at Klaviyo? PMs at Klaviyo:

Spec - PMs at Klaviyo go deep. They love to define every use case a customer would consider, document potential ways to solve, identify outstanding concerns, flag edge cases, and leave no stone unturned. They sweat the details and are passionate about making sure that every experience that could come from a feature is understood, anticipated, and handled elegantly.

Work with Customers - PMs at Klaviyo spend at least 15% of their time working closely with customers. We do deep dives with customers to work on actual marketing strategy and implementation; this helps us intimately understand what our customers are trying to accomplish and what stands in their way. You should feel excited about the chance to not only meet customers, but to spend time doing their job for them to truly experience their world.

Set and Manage Roadmap - PMs at Klaviyo understand the business and prioritize the most valuable efforts. Each PM takes ownership of a product area with their cross-functional team, and is responsible for helping set the priority order of what the team delivers on to advance our mission and maintain product quality. They communicate their roadmaps proactively, including when things change and why.

Write and Share - PMs at Klaviyo write and share early and often. We write ideas. We write use cases. We write requirements. We write release plans. Someone who joins Klaviyo must love to write and must be exceptional at articulating their thinking through written word. You should enjoy expressing your thinking on paper and reviewing your ideas with people around the company each week.

Wireframe - PMs at Klaviyo love to draw. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a wireframe is worth a million. PMs are quick to get on a whiteboard and explain their thinking, and even faster to document that thinking into expected use cases, behaviors and edge cases (see “Spec” above). You should love drawing pictures, getting feedback, and iterating on them.

Learn - PMs at Klaviyo are voracious learners. We are constantly passing book or article recommendations to each other, sharing interesting insights, and digging into unknown problems. A lack of experience/knowledge around a challenge is exciting because it means once we solve it, we are guaranteed to learn something new. You should love learning and tackling new challenges.

Think Critically - PMs at Klaviyo are sharp. We think deeply, quickly, and analytically. The rigor of thought is extreme here so we can ensure we’re making the best decision possible at all times. You should love to tease out problems, break them down to small, digestible pieces, and put them back together elegantly.

Ship - PMs at Klaviyo get value into customer hands. At the end of the day, we are only as good as how our customers see us; we must deliver improved solutions and experiences every single day. PMs build close relationships with their cross-functional teams to efficiently spec, build, and release high quality product at a fast cadence. You should be energized by solving tough problems, but nothing should compare to the feeling of releasing value to customers and watching your success metrics move.

Your First 90 Days

In your first 30 days, you will get acclimated to Klaviyo and our product:
     • Take a course on our product and ace the test at the end
     • Spend 80% of your time working with support
     • Answer >20 support tickets
     • Talk to >10 customers on the phone and/or in person
     • Connect with every internal team and learn what will help them succeed
     • Learn the basic architectural overview of the product
In your first 60 days, you will become a valuable member of the product and engineering organization:
     • Spend 60% of your time with support
     • Become a go-to expert on how the product should behave
     • Take ownership of 1 key area that you will improve
     • Complete a product enhancement from spec to successful completion during a sprint
In your first 90 days, you will push the ball forward:
     • Spend 40% of your time with support
     • Become the owner of a functional area of the product
     • Plan out a key product improvement (identify problem, define key metrics, brainstorm ideas, test hypotheses, write spec)

Team Openings

We’re always looking for all types of dynamic and analytical Product Managers, but here are the specific teams we’re looking to hire for now:

     • Email, Compliance & Deliverability
     • Dynamic Web Personalization
     • Site Reliability & Platform
     • Profiles / CRM
     • Data Pipeline & Analytics
     • Email Content Development
     • Data Science

How You’ll Grow at Klaviyo

We conduct performance reviews every 6 months. Progress at Klaviyo is measured by your command of the our customer context (including market dynamics), the value you ship to customers, your ability to move key metrics and make things happen predictably and reliably. We expect every PM, regardless of level, to progress and will give them opportunities to do so.

This Role Isn’t For You If You...
     • Are looking for a 9-5
     • Only want to do things you’ve already mastered
     • Aren’t sure if Product Management is a job/role you really, really want to do
     • Don’t love wireframing and sharing your ideas
     • Are only looking to “own more of the strategy”
     • Don’t have opinions about products and features you love or really don’t love
     • Don’t get excited about having big ideas, and even more excited about executing on them.

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Meet Some of Klaviyo's Employees

Ning S.

Director of Engineering

Ning works to assist, support, and challenge his team in finding effective engineering solutions that improve Klaviyo products, especially in the area of systems programming, distribution, and databases.

Jake C.

Director of Product

Jake oversees a team that works to continually improve Klaviyo products, both in terms of solving problems as well as finding new ways to deliver rapid results to customers.

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