Data Engineer

We are looking for a Data Engineer who wants to launch a career in business analytics. You'll work on the Business Intelligence team helping answer the hardest questions at Klaviyo. We're looking for someone that has a background in working with billions of records, designing datasets, writing ETL's, and working in a process driven engineering environment.
The Business Intelligence team is still in its early days and you'll have a big impact on our direction and how we operate. You'll be central to managing the data environment that everyone uses to understand the health of the business. You'll also get to help analyze business situations important to Klaviyo.
We love data and the excitement that comes with using that data to help our business grow. We are the kind of people that are not afraid of any question or project. We love to move fast, keep learning and get stuff done.


  • This is a cross functional role that requires framing business problems, identifying and obtaining data needed for analysis, synthesizing results and making recommendations to the executive team and other leaders in various departments
  • About 75% of this role is engineering. 25% is business analysis
  • Designing Datasets, writing ETL’s and maintaining the BI data environment
  • Typical business issues will involve framing and solving problems around revenue like acquisition channels, drivers of churn and customer retention, customer lifetime values, product engagement etc. As Klaviyo grows rapidly, projects looking at costs and investments will become a larger focus
  • Some financial and quantitative modeling will also be required / can be learnt
  • There will be frequent interaction with customer success, support, product, engineering, sales, marketing functions

Ideal Candidate:

  • Engineering or quantitative background (experience with AWS/Kafka/SQL/Python/R/Redshift/Snowflake or similar)
  • An individual motivated by continuous personal growth and learning, ideally with a desire to obtain an MBA, or MS in Business Analytics in the future
  • Familiarity with reporting tools a plus
  • Someone who is very curious about what makes a business / operation function successful
  • Good writing and communication skills. Should be able to write 1- or 3-page analysis reports on various aspects of Klaviyo’s business or operations
  • Does not have to be from a traditional business intelligence background

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