Permit Coordinator

Job Description

KDM Engineering is searching for a permit coordinator to work in assistance with our permitting department. This position involves supporting the Permitting Coordinator in administrative duties, organizing, tracking, applying for and obtaining permits from governing agencies for construction installation and engineering design projects. This role also involves considerable internal coordination amongst various client teams.

Job Responsibilities:
• Coordinate permit requests and scheduling with various governmental agencies acting as a liaison for clients. (i.e. County, IDOT, Alderman’s Offices, City of Chicago)
• Meet with internal teams and/or government agencies for project updates, and assist with any issues
• Coordinate with Project Managers regarding construction schedules and permit requirements
• Manage permit expirations and renewals and coordinate with Contractors.
• Organize and track all permits.
• File proper paperwork required to obtain permits.

Desired Skills and Experience:
• Excellent communication skills, both written and oral
• Strong organizational skills
• 5+ years of experience using Microsoft Office Suite (Excel & Word)
• Ability to Multi-task
• Must be proactive and have the ability to work independently
• Must be able to maintain a high level of accuracy and pay close attention to detail

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