Senior Writer

Jumpcut creates cinematic online courses on topics that you wish you learned in college (How to 10x Your Productivity, How to Start a Business from Scratch, Social Media Marketing).

We’re looking for a creative Senior Writer to thoroughly research topics like these and turn them into scripts for 1-2 hour entertaining and informational courses for our platform. Each of our courses will incorporate elements of storytelling, excerpts from interviews, and scientific research in order to teach the viewer in the most entertaining way possible. Our motto is: no boring lectures allowed.

Not only will your courses immediately be seen by thousands of paying customers, your work will also help craft the long-term vision for Jumpcut as an educational platform.

We’re Looking For Somebody Who:

  • Loves learning and teaching others
  • Is extremely passionate about writing and human psychology
  • Can produce thorough, unique, and organized research on any topic
  • Is resourceful and persistent in producing the best work
  • Is willing to develop as a leader with contagious positive energy, a sense of humor, and a curious mind
  • Has excellent communication skills that leave no room for questions or angst – straightforward, candid and above all thoughtful and kind
  • Strives to be a team player
  • 4+ years of stellar work experience in an advertising, digital, or interactive agency, production studio, or equivalent
  • 3-5 years of work experience overall
  • Has the ability to weave narrative and educational writing together to produce work that is both entertaining and informative

**BROWNIE POINTS IF YOU WATCH THESE VIDEOS BEFORE APPLYING (they're shorter versions of what we strive to accomplish):

  • Rapping, deconstructed - by Vox. WHY WE LOVE IT: The use of motion graphics to explain points in a crystal clear way, level of detail, conversational tone, storytelling, and use of examples.
  • The Alibi - by Serial (watch ~15 minutes to get the gist of the style). WHY WE LOVE IT: Incredible storytelling (that’s what made this podcast a national sensation), mixing between interviews + storytelling, and the sound mixing.
  • Childish Gambino - Storytelling Through Hip-Hop - by KaptainKristian. WHY WE LOVE IT: Level of detail/thoroughness of information, and the fact that it’s entirely motion graphics/internet b-roll (meaning there’s no need to film!), yet still feels cinematic because of the style, language, and quality of the graphics.
  • Rihanna’s ‘Work’ Is Not Tropical House - by Nerdwriter. WHY WE LOVE IT: Level of detail/thoroughness of information, conversational language, and the fact that it’s entirely motion graphics/internet b-roll (no need to film!)
  • Chef’s Table - by Netflix (full episodes are on Netflix). WHY WE LOVE IT: overwhelmingly “badass” vibe of the show -- due equally in part to the music, quality of footage, and incorporation of interviews. Note: there is zero instruction in Chef’s Table. To make this a Jumpcut course, there would need to be instruction and a clear ROI for the user (i.e. “by the end of this course, I’m going to be able to make 3 meals from a Michelin starred restaurant”).

This is an amazing opportunity for candidates who thrive in a multidisciplinary setting. This is a full-time position in Los Angeles, CA (Hollywood). If interested, please apply ASAP via the application link with your cover letter, resume and no more than 3 creative writing samples (they can be script, copywriting, blogs, articles, etc.), either attached OR linked. Your writing samples should show off your creativity, storytelling, and ability to share information with your reader while keeping them entertained. NO CALLS OR EMAILS.

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