The Opportunity

JDI is seeking an ambitious web designer to help us build beautiful digital assets. Our clients are promising and transformative early-stage technology companies.

You’ll work as a key part of a small team with cross-disciplinary skills in marketing, copywriting, and branding. You’ll have the opportunity to work across a wide range of clients, projects, and industries -- from edtech and AI to genetics to agtech.

At JDI, every team member has a voice from day one. You’ll work directly with clients, manage your own projects, and build collaboratively with other members of the team including the CEO, VP of Design, additional graphic designers, and marketers. You’ll have ownership of and responsibility for client outcomes, regardless of your role in the project. You will have many opportunities to learn new skills and mentor others in your areas of expertise.

We believe the best design projects start with content first and have the courage to be incomplete. We believe speed matters disproportionately and take issues with websites that are ceremoniously “launched” and then abandoned to gather dust until the next “website revamp”.

You’ll get the best of both worlds -- the opportunity to grow into a more well-rounded professional while honing your creative skills on a steady stream of awesome projects. Our team flexes and evolves depending on client needs, which means that sometimes you’ll be tackling a project solo and other times you’ll have a team working closely with you.


Design is at your core, but you also want to sharpen other facets of your skillset -- client service skills, start-up speed project management, overarching brand and marketing strategy, and more.

You bring focus and closure to your clients. But most of all, for you, the design isn’t right until it reflects the client’s needs and goals. You are able to communicate with your clients and team to make sure you have an aligned vision, and you can adapt quickly if a new insight changes the direction of a project.

You have merciless attention to quality, and you protect your clients and teammates from the pitfalls of sub-par solutions. You believe in your bones that small details make a big impact.  If you’re missing materials, you ask for what you need; if what you need isn’t available, you can find another way.

You gravitate towards complexity and challenge, thriving with a blank page. You love a good brainstorming session and appreciate a good debate on the merits of a particular design choice. Your creativity is not stifled by process, patterns, or coordination -- you can keep yourself within tight time and budget constraints. You can manage and do.

You are empathetic and emotionally intelligent; you can tell when a client or team member is confused or uncertain. If you’re getting mixed signals, you ask questions until you know you’re on the same page. You can argue your point without losing respect for the people around you, and you can use feedback constructively.

You have a deep interest in continued improvement and development of new skills. You teach yourself as well, though, staying on top of the latest design practices and testing new methods because it makes you happy to do so.

To sum up: you want to be surrounded by a group of people who are direct, smart, and driven. You’re ready to put your own stamp on our company.

The Skills

  • Expert of design principles (color theory, grid systems, layouts, and typography) especially as it applies to user experience and web design
  • Expert in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch
  • 3+ years of experience
  • Client facing, project management
  • Left and right brained
    • You can balance the details and the big picture
    • You’re creative, analytical, and technical
    • You have creative problem-solving skills but also an aptitude for schedules


  • A strong design skill set with experience creating responsive visuals for the web
  • Openness to work and communicate w/ cross functional teams -- marketing, executive team, development group, etc.
  • Ability to multi-task, sketch, and express design ideas quickly in a fast-paced environment

    • Ability to work on and manage multiple design projects at once
  • Dedication to design excellence and pixel-perfect execution, but an ability to work within tight time and budget constraints

  • Enough knowledge of front end development to bring a solid POV on technical limitations and design accordingly
  • Self-driven, self-organized, self-motivated

    • Take responsibility for the delivery of design projects
    • Be willing to push the limits of every project and anticipate the needs of the company
    • Be game on to own and lead the project; feel a sense of responsibility for its success or failure
  • An aptitude for leadership

    • You can lead meetings, negotiate issues, build team and group consensus, and enable creative thought processes


  • HTML5/CSS/JS knowledge
  • Brand identity background
  • Strong communication, written, and visual storytelling skills


  • Please send your resume/CV, portfolio (and/or other project representation), and a short description on why you’d be a good fit for JDI and our position.

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