Overall Team Summary:

The Global Operations Systems and Tools team manages and supports the development and maintenance of iAnalyze, Prisma, DDS and any additional tools or systems utilized on the Microsoft account.  The Systems and Tools team works with MSFT to understand their data needs and requirements so EMT can provide reports/data in the most efficient, accurate and agile way possible.  On the agency side, the team works with the Global Planning and Investment groups as a resource for system use and training.  The team also drives productivity improvements by addressing current issues and needs through ongoing system advancements as the business evolves. 


We are looking for a person who loves Quality Assurance and has a strong background spotting anomalies within data groups. We need someone who loves to organize data systems and doesn’t mind looking at numbers and data all day.  We want a number cruncher who is comfortable with pivot tables and formulas in Excel.  Our ideal candidate would be a master at organizing large data sets in Excel in a variety of different ways to resolve data quality issues across multiple regions, countries, lines of business, and product groups.     


Key Roles/Responsibilities:

  • Assist in delivering routine and ad-hoc reporting (aka: Business As Usual reports)
  • Daily maintenance and QA of data sources and inputs for accuracy
  • Enforce adherence to process guidelines and taxonomy rules for all product teams, Lines of Business (LOBs), and markets around the world
  • Communicate with product teams, LOBs, and markets around the world on new and existing data management policy updates
  • Train all product teams, LOBs, and markets around the world on new reporting guidance
  • System maintenance and support to getting data streams setup/corrected
  • Help define and update business logic, transformation rules, and taxonomy mapping with product teams, LOBs, and markets around the world
  • Liaise and troubleshoot data quality issues with technical support teams and 3rd party vendors around the world
  • Troubleshoot data issue root causes within reporting platforms, authoritative data sources, planning teams, and users of reporting platforms
  • Work with team members around the world to identify and correct process issues


Essential Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to communicate effectively across multiple teams and regions throughout the world (English)
  • Foreign language speaking skills are a plus, but not necessary
  • Effective communication in multiple formats (written and verbal)
  • Data organization in Excel
  • Ability to identify, understand, and manage the resolution of multiple data feed and reporting issues
  • Strong multi-tasker, organization, and project management skills
  • Ability to work effectively with 3rd party vendors


Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in advertising or a related field
  • 1 to 2 years of data Quality Assurance background required (any industry)
  • A good understanding of reporting for advertising media (all forms, but digital preferred)
  • Agency experience preferred, but not a requirement
  • Experience with Datorama or ad servers (i.e.: Atlas, Marin) a plus
  • Experience training teams to follow common policies and guidance a plus


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