Senior Software Engineer, Full-Stack


You'll join a unique team that's working inside of Intuit's Horizon Innovation Program (HIP). HIP is an internal startup incubator for scaling massive new business opportunities. Think of it as taking the advantages of a startup (autonomy, speed, new markets) and melding them with the advantages of a seasoned organization (built-in infrastructure, security, legal) to make an outsized impact.

Sounds like the best of both worlds? We think so, too.

We're hiring a Senior Software Engineer to join our team and make clear, delightful, and fast user interfaces.

As part of our team, you'll create customer-facing applications used by hundreds of thousands of small businesses and accountants. You'll build out dashboards to help users work with millions of tax filings for this coming tax season. And, you'll sweat the details of how that typeahead search works across the stack.

Here are some recent examples of work we've done (gives a taste for what your day-to-day might look like):

  • Implemented design system components specific to our initiative
  • Refactored table component for better performance on mobile web
  • Created customer email notification template
  • Researched approaches for displaying search results with our fantastic Design Lead
  • Analyzed trade-offs and selected new tools to use to improve developer productivity
  • Exercise senior-level knowledge in selecting methods and techniques to design, implement, modify and support a variety of software products and services to meet user or system specifications
  • Independently or collaboratively work on problems of complex scope where analysis of data requires evaluation of multiple factors of the overall product and service
  • Analyze and synthesize a variety of inputs to create customer-facing applications
  • Design, develop, and maintain highly scalable, secure, and efficient code that supports commercial software products
  • Work as a team to collect and analyze customer requirements
  • Develop, define, and write code to implement algorithms to develop software application features in compliance with business requirements
  • Write tests as part of automated test suites
  • Quality is not deferred to another team -- we're all responsible
  • Develop code for review/correction by senior level (or above) engineers, and produce production-ready code
  • Contribute to the improvement of developer tooling and processes
  • Strong CS fundamentals - data structures, algorithms; bonus for distributed systems
  • Modular and/or functional programming concepts with JavaScript (ES5 minimum)
  • Strong experience building responsive client side applications using front end technologies and frameworks, preferably using React
  • Familiarity with user data flow and state management design
  • Able to jump into new code bases to make tweaks if needed
  • Strong experience with unit testing, integration, and automation testing
  • Strong experience with version control systems (we use git)
  • Experience with hosting is a plus, but not required
  • Experience building server side logic using backend services a plus, but not required

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