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Job Description
What's better than working at Intel after graduation? Working at Intel now!  

About the   P osition  

As   a   V erification   student   at   Intel you will be responsible for developing virtual environments and tools in the   p re -s ilicon   stage, to ensure the logical accuracy of all Intel products, using the most advanced equipment and tools.   

Our   V erification engineers   work closely   with the architecture, defining new capabilities and products,   unique   combination of   hardware   and   software   skills . From the beginning of the development stages through the exercise to the test, they have a real impact on new features.  

The work of our verification team is challenging; They build environments and tools from scratch, including design, writing and execution. This requires a deep understanding of the hardware, and the ability to quickly specialize in Intel architecture and micro-architecture. The   V erification   role will allow you to experiment with diverse challenges and open many doors for a variety of   careers .  

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What   We Are Looking For  

  • Student s   studying   towards   a   B.Sc./ M.Sc.   d egree   in   e lectrical   e ngineering ,   c omputer   E ngineering ,   S oftware   E ngineering ,   C omputer   S cience ,   or equivalent  
  • At least 3 semesters until graduation  
  • Ability to work at least 20 hours a week   ( flexibility   during exams)  


Preferred Qualifications  

  • Knowledge in VLSI design and/or verification  
  • Knowledge in developing Register Transfer Level RTL validation environment  
  • Knowledge in working with Verilog/ Specman / SystemVerilog  

  • Experience in development in integrated software and/or hardware environment  

* Please be informed that Intel is proactively trying to find candidates for Verification  position and that this position may not be available at this time

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