UEFI FW Engineer

Job Description
Job Description In this position, you will be working in the Intel SSG/FID/SFD located in ShangHai. You will be responsible for IA(Intel architecture) server product's UEFI FW enabling and development. You will have the opportunity to learn the top IA server technology. This position also has chance to participate Intel silicon enabling UEFI FW development, like reference code and CRB BIOS. Responsibilities included but not limit to:
1. Work with experienced, senior bios engineer/architects on the Intel SSG UEFI FW development, also involve with China Local customer's feature design and issue fix.
2. Work on the Intel silicon enabling UEFI FW development and contribute to reference platform's UEFI FW code.
3. Provide leadership in across all Intel server segments, including commercial product and CRB architecture design and development.
4. Collaborate with Intel global team on the innovation. Provide expertise and leadership within SSG/FID.

Qualifications 1. Minimum Bachelor of Computer Science or Electronic Engineering degree or other relevant majors.
2. 5 years IA server UEFI FW development experience.
3. Solid understanding of IA-32 platform architecture. Strong C and assembly programming skills with experience with modular software design
4. Technical experience with software design, development, test and documentation. Experience in baseboard BIOS, UEFI, TIANO, EDK/EDKII
5. Good verbal and written communication skills are required, as is a highly disciplined approach to problem solving
6. Experience in Multi-Geo collaboration, multifunctional communication with board design, firmware team and validation team

Inside this Business Group
The Intel Software and Services Group (SSG) connects Intel to the worldwide software community. SSG strives to bring competitive advantage to Intel platforms by helping independent software vendors, operating system developers, OEMs, channel members and systems integrators deliver exceptional customer value and achieve differentiation on Intel® processor technologies. SSG provides global leadership to the software community through its technical expertise, industry enabling activities, and developer products and programs.

CN JR0097222 Shanghai

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