Test engineer team manager

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Job Description
Ready to lead the making of the world's best products?
You are offered to manage a team of engineers working on cutting-edge technologies to develop and productize Intel's future processors for laptop and desktop computers formally known as i3/i5/i7/i9.
You will feel significant and have impact from day one. This unique opportunity to lead major processes that effect the entire organization and the high-tech world.

About the role -
As a Test Engineer's manager, you will be working on the organization's core products, holding an important role in leveraging the connection of Manufacturing to Design and Architecture, translating designs into products. The unique combination of HW and SW will ensure daily technological challenges in a variety of working environments. Managing such a team includes various challenges and exposure to leaders and decision makers in the company's central business groups.

Responsibilities -
In this role you will be engaged in Intel CPU design and manufacturing process, starting from tech readiness and various stages of Intel products. During Tech Readiness pre-silicon phase, you will define, document, and perform Design for Testing (DFT) and functionality validation, such as Full Chip Reset, Functional and Structural tests. You will lead the activity of writing and implementing test plans and test vectors for different design blocks, scripts to improve test efficiency and evaluate test content generation. During post-silicon phases, you will manage product enabling, testing, debug, design validation, parametric Silicon testing and characterization. You will work closely with design teams and product development teams to execute, optimize and improve test coverage and product cost effectiveness.

Relevant knowledge in one ore more areas:
 #DFT, #Validation, #Verification, #Simulation #Emulation, #Reset, #MBIST, # Scan, # ATPG #Structural testing, #Python, #Si testing , #Post Si , #HVM
3-5 years Test Engineering experience

Inside this Business Group
Intel's Product Assurance & Security team is chartered with building & maintaining customer trust through unparalleled security, privacy & assurance of Intel products. This team drives security & assurance governance, identifies emerging threats, secures existing products through mitigations and defines & initiates future security innovations for Intel products.

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