SOC Logic Design Engineer

    • George Town, Malaysia

Job Description
In this position, you will be involving in the training, design and development of next generation SOC/CPU for wide range of Intel products ranging from Client PC, smartphone, tablet to wearable. Your responsibilities will include some of the following but not limited to:-

  • Responsible for Integration of Third party IPs -- Synthesis, functional and/or timing convergence, and pre and post-si debug of IPs developed by various external vendors as well as within the company.
  • Handling of signals crossing power planes and clock domains, industry standard protocols including hardware and software details dealing with Memory (LPDDR), storage (eMMC, SATA, UFS), peripherals (PCIe, USB), and MIPI interfaces in SOC devices.
  • System integration dealing with Si/ Platform/ FW/ MW/ drivers/ OS/ Apps on Android & Windows-based tablets and phones.
  • Need to identify and vet the platform requirements based on platform usage models, identification of associated Use Case and scenarios, breakdown of platform requirements to HW & SW component requirements, and detailed use case analysis against key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Also expected is to improve the SOC design processes.


  • Candidates should have minimum a degree in computer engineering or electrical/electronic engineering with at least 7 years working experience.
  • Should be willing to be a Mentor and Technical leader as part of your daily job, ability to work with different teams, good communication and problem solving skills.
  • Additional expectations are improving SOC design processes, creating a productive work environment, and being a catalyst for high quality output from the team

Inside this Business Group
The Silicon Engineering Group is a worldwide organization focused on the development and integration of SOCs, Cores, and critical IPs that power Intel's leadership products. This business group leverages an incomparable mix of experts with different backgrounds, cultures, perspectives, and experiences to unleash the most innovative, amazing, and exciting computing experiences.

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