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Job Description
Are you a seasoned threat, vulnerability and exploit research expert who craves tons of fun and takes pride in raising the security bar for computing? Then come join Intel's Client Computing Group's Security Research Team that conducts industry leading advanced security research and analysis.  You will influence security across Hardware, Firmware, Software & Systems spanning a range of client products through deep vulnerability analysis and mitigation development expertise.
Responsibilities include the following:
Emerging threat analysis, gain insights & know-how of evolving attack techniques
Predict and extrapolate attack trends ahead of its occurrence
Propose and/or develop robust counter measures and mitigation.
Keeping oneself updated and assimilate substantial knowledge in state-of-the-art security principles, theories, attacks etc.
Communicate and contribute such insights to internal and external stakeholders
Participation in development of intellectual property is also a responsibility.


  • Applicants should ideally possess 10 years of experience in the field of system security research and excel in exploring software and hardware techniques as a method of attack against targets within computing systems.
  • Ability to work autonomously in a less structured startup type environment with minimal supervision is a must.
  • Ability to lead a team of security researchers is also a requirement. 
  • Ability to span security expertise over HW, SW and Firmware domains.
  • Passion for understanding latest attacks in the industry and applying to Client platforms where applicable.
  • Applicants should have In-depth expertise and experience in four or more of the following areas, including security threats, vulnerability research and security development lifecycle practices:
    • Knowledge of computer architecture, CPU, SoC, chipsets, BIOS, Firmware, Drivers, and others
    • Security analysis and vulnerability assessment
    • Reverse engineering skills
    • Exploitation and mitigation technique developments
    • Security testing techniques including fuzzing and pen-testing
    • Paper publication, participation in bug bounty programs, recognitions from products & brands will be highly considered.
    • Expertise in strategizing advanced product security counter measures is valuable.
    • Security Research and industry test tools/standards like Kali Linux, Defensics, Hydra, BurpSuite, Metasploit, OWASP

  • Additional qualifications (good to have one or more):
    • Knowledge of security technologies: authentication, cryptography, security protocols
    • Strong network in security community, ethical hackers, academia,
    • CISSP and/or other security certifications
    • Demonstrable knowledgeable in one or more OS internals - Linux, Windows, macOS, mobile OS etc
    • Knowledgeable in one or more programming languages including low level assembly, C, Java, Python etc.
    • Detail oriented and ability to compare and contrast features across multiple processor architectures and low level micro architectural blocks.
    • Knowledgeable in networking basics
    • Knowledge in Side Channel Analysis, Timing attacks, glitch attacks etc 
    • White papers, Academic references or industry accolades for demonstrated expertise, discovered vulnerabilities
    • Specialization in one or more security domains
    • Having worked on security test tooling and/or methodologies

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