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Job Description
The Intel SecA group sits under the Intel Validation Engineering (iVE) group. SecA is uniquely positioned within Intel's Product Development Lifecycle to provide a foundation for security validation and assurance, allowing us to solve complex Intel SoC security challenges. SecA has as an objective to lead proactive Intel focus on security assurance to establish and maintain trust in Intel Products, Services and Platforms; using the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) as a reference to help drive high-quality security outcomes in product and services development at Intel. As new products are architected and designed the SecA team evaluates them based on the target market segment for each of these products. As a SecA team member you will get to know the latest technologies in Xeon/Atom sever CPUs, as well as discrete graphics SoCs, PCHs and other supporting components. You will have the opportunity to deeply understand and work on the security assurance of technologies such as Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) and Software Guard Extensions (SGX).You will get to develop comprehensive threat models and security test plans. You will be able to prove your hacker skills throughout the whole product development process starting from security design reviews, simulation and emulation to reference platforms. During your security assurance work, you will work closely with architects, designers, validators and security architects. As a member of SecA you will get access to Intel's security community and security experts in different fields. You will also get the opportunity to work on exploits on leading edge technologies as well as participating in different conferences and publications related to security.


Minimum qualifications
- 3+ years of experience in the field of system security research and exploring software and hardware techniques as a method of attack against targets within the computing systems.
Preferred qualifications:
- Experience with security threats, vulnerability research along with practicing security development lifecycle practices.
- Knowledge of security technologies: authentication, cryptography, secure protocols, etc.
- Knowledge of computer architecture CPU, SoC, GFX, chipsets, BIOS, Firmware, Drivers, and others

Applicants should have expertise or experience in two or more of the following areas:
- Threat modeling
- Security code review, analysis, and vulnerability assessment
- Reverse engineering skills
- Exploitation and mitigation technique developments
- Security testing techniques including fuzzing and pen-testing
- Expertise in architecting, strategizing and evangelizing advanced product security countermeasures into products is valuable

The ideal candidate should also have:
- Ability to work autonomously in a less structured startup type environment with minimal supervision.
- Ability to span security expertise over HW, SW and Firmware domains.
- Passion for the latest gadgets and building security into these gadgets.
- Experience in End-2-End Product Development Life Cycle.
- Passion for security for both building & breaking mindsets.

Inside this Business Group
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